It goes without saying the engine propelling the abortion movement has been the courts, starting with Roe v. Wade.
Protecting abortion was the biggest reason why the Left tried to stop President Bush’s two Supreme Court nominees. But the Gang of 14 – which I detested at the time – stymied them.
Now the Left is gearing up for the mother of all Supreme Court nomination battles, the one which could lead to the reversal of Roe.
I drew your attention last week to liberal Justice Breyer’s shocking betrayal of the separation of powers by whispering in liberal Republican Sen. Specter’s ear that he might want to take a closer look at recent decisions following the addition of Roberts and Alito to the Supreme Court. (Where are the journalists investigating Breyer’s breach? Where are Congressional calls for an inquiry?)
I also highlighted the speech at a recent Planned Parenthood fundraiser given by the grande dame of liberal journalists, Helen Thomas, in which she warned, “It seems the present conservative [U.S. Supreme] Court is targeting Roe v. Wade and there’s not much you can do about it unless Congress is willing to deal with these touchy subjects. Without pressure, I doubt they will.”
alito.jpgMSM’s attempt to arouse Americans’ suspicions of an increasingly sound Supreme Court, obviuosly to tamper with the next nomination should it be on Bush’s watch, has now begun. Yesterday’s Washington Post headline:
Fewer See Balance in Court’s Decisions;
Bush Nominees Have Made Panel ‘Too Conservative’ for Many, Poll Indicates

The Indianapolis Star’s headline

Poll: More Americans say Supreme Court ‘too conservative’

“Many”? “More”? How about 31%? Here’s the story:

About half of the public thinks the Supreme Court is generally balanced in its decisions, but a growing number of Americans say the court has become “too conservative” in the two years since President Bush began nominating justices, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll….
The public seems to have noticed the shift. The percentage who said the court is “too conservative” grew from 19 percent to 31 percent in the past two years, while those who said it is “generally balanced in its decisions” declined from 55 percent to 47 percent.

The poll spotlighted two recent Supreme decisions, that the Partial Birth Abortion Ban was constitutional and racial quotas for university admissions were unconstitutional.
Where were the polls asking whether the Supreme Court was tilting too liberal after its 5-4 Kelo eminent domain decision, before the addition of Roberts and Alito?
I’m becoming increasingly suspicious that there is health or retirement news about one of the current Supremes of which the public has not yet been made aware.
[Photo of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito and Chief Justice John G. Roberts are courtesy of the Washington Post.]

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