A Spider-Man comic book collector and blogger named andrewfarago has “discovered the strangest Spider-Man comic I’ve ever read. Period.”
He says he stumbled on it a couple weeks ago at a vintage paperback book store in San Francisco. The comic book, entitled, “The amazing Spider-Man vs. the Prodigy,” appears to have been copyrighted in 1976.
The comic is indeed strange, tracking the Spidey-foiled plot of the evil Prodigy to spread sexual wives tales to teens so girls will accidentally get pregnant, enabling Prodigy to send flying saucers to “scoop thousands of babies off to Intellectia.”
You can read the entire comic book here, but these are the relevant pages (see the rest on page 2):

The front and back comic book flaps are most interesting:

Thirty years later, Planned Parenthood’s basic message hasn’t changed one iota: “Have sex, but have it after receiving educational materials we sell and using birth control we sell,” except PP has added more products – abortion and the morning after pill.
love carefully.jpgPP first received state government funding for “family planning services” in 1965. PP started receiving federal funding for same through Title X in 1970. By 2006, PP received $305.3 million in government funding.
PP’s response to its lack of achievement? No surprise: “Give us more money.” Another nonsurprise are the politicians who add to PP’s coffers – as recently as last week – so PP can turn around and donate some of those funds to the politicians’ campaigns. Surprising are the fools who believe PP.
PP’s ambivalence to homosexuality 30 years ago is interesting, as is its suggestion that kids talk to parents and churches about sex, both now nixed.
[Cartoon billboard courtesy of Planned Parenthood.]