The lost Spider-Man/Planned Parenthood comic book

A Spider-Man comic book collector and blogger named andrewfarago has “discovered the strangest Spider-Man comic I’ve ever read. Period.”
He says he stumbled on it a couple weeks ago at a vintage paperback book store in San Francisco. The comic book, entitled, “The amazing Spider-Man vs. the Prodigy,” appears to have been copyrighted in 1976.
The comic is indeed strange, tracking the Spidey-foiled plot of the evil Prodigy to spread sexual wives tales to teens so girls will accidentally get pregnant, enabling Prodigy to send flying saucers to “scoop thousands of babies off to Intellectia.”
You can read the entire comic book here, but these are the relevant pages (see the rest on page 2):

The front and back comic book flaps are most interesting:

Thirty years later, Planned Parenthood’s basic message hasn’t changed one iota: “Have sex, but have it after receiving educational materials we sell and using birth control we sell,” except PP has added more products – abortion and the morning after pill.
love carefully.jpgPP first received state government funding for “family planning services” in 1965. PP started receiving federal funding for same through Title X in 1970. By 2006, PP received $305.3 million in government funding.
PP’s response to its lack of achievement? No surprise: “Give us more money.” Another nonsurprise are the politicians who add to PP’s coffers – as recently as last week – so PP can turn around and donate some of those funds to the politicians’ campaigns. Surprising are the fools who believe PP.
PP’s ambivalence to homosexuality 30 years ago is interesting, as is its suggestion that kids talk to parents and churches about sex, both now nixed.
[Cartoon billboard courtesy of Planned Parenthood.]

9 thoughts on “The lost Spider-Man/Planned Parenthood comic book”

  1. That really IS interesting that back then they actually did suggest the unfathomable idea of asking parents for advice! Reminds me the time Planned Parenthood distributed a pamphlet that said, “An abortion kills the life of a baby after it has begun. It is dangerous to your life and health. It may make you sterile so that, when you want a child, you cannot have it. Birth control merely post- pones the beginning of life.”
    Amazing how their facts change over time..

  2. Is this an illusion of my jet lag? Or are they actually using Spider Man on an ad for Planned Parenthood? This is very bizarre.

  3. You know it’s a sad day when people get information pertaining to life and death from an imaginary character in a comic book.
    This is what happen when you kick God and prayer out of schools and read fairy tales instead of the Good Book. You exchange the real thing for a counterfiet.
    And we know how effective both Spider Man and Planned Perdition have had in educating us about the life and death issues of our time.
    PP is the most evil organization on the face of the earth, even more evil that Al Queda. PP is repsonsible for taking more lives than all the acts of terrorism combined.
    If you are associated with PP, your destiny is secure.

  4. Hehehe…this is awesome. I honestly just think this is funny. To heck with the political ramifications or whatever. It’s Spiderman and the evil babymaker…LOL!

  5. I’m sorry, I try to be good, but is HISMAN really *contrasting* fairy tales and the “Good Book?”

  6. Ha ha! I’m surprised no one brought this up. One of my managers at Graham Cracker Comics in Chicago told me about this comic once and I didn’t believe him until now! Freaking hilarious, man!

  7. I love how they throw in a nice little dig about young mothers having a horrible life. That’s nice. I’m glad spiderman thinks I’m miserable. Heaven forbid a young woman *choose* to get married and start a family younger than 30.

  8. “PP is the most evil organization on the face of the earth, even more evil that Al Queda. PP is repsonsible for taking more lives than all the acts of terrorism combined.”
    Wow, HisMan. I have to say that this was a really…idiotic comment.

  9. Lauren, I’m with you on being miffed about that “dig”. To me, choice is about letting a woman who wants to marry young and have a family do just that…it’s her decision. Not all young mothers have horrible lives, just as not all young mothers are doing well. It’s not right for the comic to hint that the circumstances will be the same for all people. It is up for the person to decide what risks are worth taking.

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