northern1.jpgPro-Life Corner reported this, which occurred at the Northern Illinois Women’s Center abortion mill in Rockford, IL, on August 21:

Ken Plez, Pat Brady and Kevin Rilott were praying quietly for an end to abortion…. A large white truck pulled in the clinic parking lot. Mr. Rilott walked over to the driveway of the clinic, without setting foot on clinic property, to try and talk to the father and mother.
The pro-choice man got out of the truck and immediately came at Mr Rilott saying, “You shouldn’t be here, your upsetting my wife,” and started to strike Mr. Rilott in the chest, ribs, and stomach. Mr. Rilott did not strike the man back but while he was being assaulted he reached in his pocket, got his cell phone and called 911….

After the assault the pro-choice man picked up Mr. Rilott’s pro-life sign off the ground and broke it. He finally went in the abortion clinic….
After about 20 minutes a squad car finally arrived driving the speed limit with no lights or sirens…. In their slow response time the man who assaulted Mr. Rilott had time to go into the clinic for 10 to 15 minutes…. [T]hen he drove away. The pro-lifers got his license number….
A second officer arrived and was asked by the pro-lifers to go check with Mr. Webster to get his video tape…. The officer chuckled and said, “You know he’ll say he doesn’t have one.”…
[S]ure enough Mr. Webster said he forgot to start his video camera that morning, but he claimed to see the whole thing. According to Mr. Webster, Mr. Rilott attacked the man with his sign and he was just defending himself….
After Mr. Rilott left for work Mr. Webster came outside to walk his dogs, and the man who assaulted Mr. Rilott returned. They stood out in the open saying the police “won’t do anything.”

The moral of this story?
Never, ever protest or pray at a mill without your own video camera running. Come on. We all know this is Groundhog Day scenario has occurred hundreds of times over the years.
get%20smart%203.jpgI experienced it myself as part of a protest at Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge, IL. A worker came out of the hospital, ripped the expensive graphic sign out of my hands, threw it in the slushy street, and went down the row doing the same to others. With at least 20 pro-life witnesses and broken signs as evidence, the police still said it was a case of he said, she said.
And it was.
Look, abortion has carved out its own niche in the law. You never know if you’re going to get an unbiased police officer or not, an unbiased judge or not. And mill workers are killers, thugs, and liars. We should not expect justice without ensuring it as best we can. In fact, the other side has even provoked trouble, sued, and won in court. Ask Joe Scheidler.
Those who pray and protest at abortion mills are some of the most valiant on earth, standing in the gap literally between life and death. But it’s not enough to have good intentions. One of many sayings I have taped to my monitor is, “We’ve got to have people who are not just faithful but able.”
Sidewalk counselors, be smart. Never, ever protest or pray at a mill without a video camera.
[HT: via MK]

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