pro-lifeblogbuzz3.jpgOn the pro-life blogs….

  • Are those attorney jokes hitting too close to home? Want to make a change, give your life purpose? Americans United for Life has a job listing on its blog for an attorney to direct its Albany, New York, office.
  • Elizabeth Andrew is my kind of pro-life blogger, to the point and clear. Peruse her web page and then check out her blog post from Saturday: (Pro-life) Goal setting 101 .
  • And my friend Sarah doesn’t mince words. At Flashpoint, she describes “ignorant rhetoric” she found on John Edwards’ website showing he “hasn’t a clue about the science of….”
  • Canada’s Big Blue Wave links to a psycho story from Britain. A mother there is threatening a late term abortion because social services is threatening to take her baby when born.
  • Great quote of the day from Dawn Patrol, which begins, “Pharmacists are not medical vending machines….”
  • Calling it a “misfortune,” an Italian hospital has accidentally aborted a healthy twin instead of “malformed” twin. How? Forest Nymph links to the story.
  • Per Martin Luther King, Jr.’s niece Alveda, “Abortion has done what the Klan only dreamed of.” Read more of her recent comments on The Truth About Margaret Sanger, from which photo on left comes as well.

  • Generations for Life has more photos from the Aurora Planned Parenthood protest and an absurd quote from Steve Trombley, president of Chicago Planned Parenthood, noticeably absent Sunday, leaving the defense of his mill up to the Socialist Workers Party people.
  • Argh, those dirty rats. The blatant exaggerations – no, lies – they tell to promote human embryo experimentation. Jivin Jehoshaphat links this headline, “Embryonic Stem Cells Repair Human Heart,” to the actual story.
  • Annie at Prolifeblogs adds to that story by reminding us which stem cells really did begin repairing human hearts – 4 years ago.
  • Annie also links to a website conducting a study being conducted on the pain after abortion. If you are post-abortive, you can participate.
  • MInTheGap doesn’t believe Jessica Biel.
  • Can’t vouch for this, only report it. NationalProLifeRadio bloggers Chittenden and Gadher are reporting that singers Christina Aguilera and Avril Lavigne may have a personal problem with Amnesty International’s new pro-abortion position.
  • Denny at Vital Signs asks a good question about the sexual revolution: “Where are the winners?” with links to a Breakpoint article.