plan%20b.jpgOn August 24, 2006, the FDA made the morning-after pill available without a prescription to any adult (read: men, too) over 18.
In December 2003, on behalf of Concerned Women for America, I testified before an FDA committee against making the MAP available over-the-counter. My focus was on the danger to underage girls.
To celebrate the one-year anniversary, Christina Page at RH Reality Check wrote:

[H]ere’s a retrospective of the arguments and forebodings the religious right made to influence the FDA’s decision and mislead the public. Enjoy.

And wouldn’t you know, one of my quotes made her list. I’m flattered. Here ’tis:

Making EC available would be a welcome tool for adult sexual predators who molest family members, children of friends or students. They could keep a stash in their bedroom drawer or their pocket to give their victims after committing each rape.

Amanda Marcotte, who achieved fame by being fired by the Edwards campaign for trashing Christians, copied it as well, adding her own half-cent:

The last one really betrays the anti-choice sense that women don’t actually have agency, but are just braindead ciphers for male lust and men’s progeny. After all, a rape victim would only take EC if forced by a rapist, wouldn’t you know?

Did Marcotte purposefully misconstrue that I was writing about adult women when clearly I was writing about minor girls – little girls, in fact – or can she not read?
I’ve noticed the other side takes our most logical statements and ridicules them, as if on a dare, and as if that will make them untrue.
Logical I was, but in addition I included three Planned Parenthood quotes and one Guttmacher quote to corroborate my point:

  • “The younger women are when they first have intercourse the more likely they are to have had unwanted or nonvoluntary first sex, 7 in 10 of those who had sex before age 13, for example.” (Guttmacher)

  • “Teenage girls with older partners are more likely to become pregnant than those with partners closer in age.” (PP)
  • “Teenagers who have been raped or abused also experience higher rates of pregnancy – in a sample of 500 teen mothers, two-thirds had histories of sexual and physical abuse, primarily by adult men averaging age 27.” (PP)
  • “Among women younger than 18, the pregnancy rate among those with a partner who is six or more years older is 3.7 times as high as the rate among those whose partner is no more than two years older.” (PP)
  • So Page and Marcotte may want to complain to their friends at PP if they think it illogical that adult male sexual predators would latch on to the morning-after pill as a new way to keep their trysts will little girls secret.
    Their own research condemns them as those who excel at breaking hell loose.