I linked to this story last week. Didn’t know the details. And the Vatican is absolutely right. If you don’t think so, explain.
From the Herald Sun, today:

A botched abortion of a fetus instead of its Down syndrome twin has prompted the Vatican to compare abortion to the Nazis’ selective breeding practices….

Italy was embroiled in a bitter ethical dispute yesterday after it emerged that a surgeon had accidentally terminated the wrong fetus while trying to abort its Down syndrome twin.
The operation on a 38-year-old woman 18 weeks into her pregnancy was performed at the San Paolo hospital in Milan in June but has only just come to light.
The fetus who had Down syndrome was also subsequently aborted.
Weighing into the controversy, the Vatican said aborting a Down syndrome child was the result of a culture of perfection resembling Nazi eugenics….
The gynaecologist who performed the Milan abortion, said the woman, who has not been named, requested the abortion after an amniocentesis test.
The doctor, Prof Anna Maria Marconi, said her conscience was clear.
She said the identical fetuses had moved in the womb between the last scan and the operation.
Hospital authorities backed Prof Marconi, calling the botched abortion a “misfortune”.
The mother, who has a small son, said that her life had been ruined.
She told Corriere della Sera: “Neither my husband nor I can sleep at night.”…
Her husband said they were truly desperate over the terrible mistake and were consulting lawyers….
The Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano said: “No one has the right to suppress another life and take the place of God for any motive whatever.”
The newspaper said selective abortion amounted to eugenics that stemmed from a culture of perfection….
The mistaken abortion was the latest error to prompt debate about the standards of Italy’s hospitals as well as its abortion law.
In March, a fetus aborted in the 22nd week of pregnancy at a Florence hospital because of suspected deformities was found to be physically sound.

t4.jpgCirca 1938, this poster reads: “60,000 Reichsmarks is what this person suffering from hereditary defects costs the community during his lifetime. Fellow German, that is your money, too,” according to Wikipedia.
It promoted the Nazi T4 program, first a voluntary then forced euthanasia program targeting the mentally and physically disabled. The gas chambers at Tiergartenstrasse 4, the villa in Berlin where this eugenics program was carried out, became models for the Jewish death camps.
Death camps. Pro-aborts hate it when we call abortion mills death camps.

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