SCOOP: $7.5 mil libel lawsuit against Planned Parenthood/Steve Trombley to be filed Tuesday

breaking.jpgOn behalf of a number of Aurora citizens who took part in the 40 day prayer vigil, Tom Brejcha of the Thomas More Society will file a $7.5 million lawsuit against Planned Parenthood/Chicago Area and its CEO Steve Trombley Tuesday.
The lawsuit is in response to Trombley’s September 4 letter to Aurora aldermen, which he also sent to the Aurora Beacon….

In it he included “those who oppose” the PP Aurora facility in his false condemnation of Joe Scheidler and the Pro-Life Action League as having a “well-documented history of advocating violence against both persons and property.”
Trombley further implicated Aurora protesters when he stated in that letter:

Does it truly come as a surprise, then, that as we complied with all legal and public disclosure requirements, we simultaneously sought to keep this private while the construction was proceeding because the zealots who have been opposing our new facility have a well-documented history of violence and criminal activity?

According to Brejcha in a phone interview this morning:

If you look at the letter to aldermen, Trombley included those in Aurora who oppose the clinic in his general smear. Whatever these people are, they are one removed from Scheidler and the League. And the answer on whether Scheidler and the League are violent was answered by the Supreme Court 8-1 and 8-0. Trombley took even that false assertion a step further.

The lawsuit will be filed in Kane County. The amount corresponds with PP’s stated value of its Aurora mill.
On September 7, Brejcha sent Trombley a letter demanding he retract or face “legal redress.”
Trombley/PP responded by placing a full page ad in the Beacon on September 10 making the same charges, complete with a photo of an arsoned MI Planned Parenthood building.

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  1. If lifers are actually trying to get anything done, a libel suit is a TERRIBLE way to go. The country has a massivly long history of making it next to impossible to ever convict on a libel charge. The Zenger case pretty much annihilated it.
    How was everyone’s weekend?

  2. Erin, advice from a pro-abort against suing a fellow pro-abort for libel on false charges he smeared hundreds of pro-lifers as violent falls on my deaf ears.
    My weekend was great. My Monday is even better.

  3. Yeah, Trombley’s not in it to make extra cash. He donates his services because he care about women’s healthcare. Of course, he doesn’t care about the health of unborn women. The abortionist aren’t in it for the cash either. Abortion is a 450 million a year industry( and they donate all the money they make to women’s and children’s charities.

  4. Joe Scheidler has three convictions for violent and destructive acts. They didn’t arrest and jail him for serving white wine with beef:
    After resounding defeats in Congress, the courts and public opinion, the anti-abortion movement changes tactics, aiming to put abortion providers and clinics out of business through intimidation and violence. Joe Scheidler, Andrew Scholberg and a handful of other self-described “radical” anti-abortion leaders form a nationwide coalition named PLAN

  5. Whether that be the case or not, the Planned Parenthood ads did not simply target Joe and PLAL, but rather the entire mass of pro-life protestors in Aurora. This includes Eric Scheidler and the Fox Families Against Planned Parenthood, who are strong advocates (as is Joe and PLAL) of peaceful non-violent protest. The peaceful demonstrators of Aurora should not be defamed in public by PP. It’s a cheap tactic and it is libel. They should be held accountable.

  6. Jill- I’m not stating anything about the actual case. I’m just saying that libel never goes anywhere. Libel suits are impossible to prove in almost every situation. Especially considering the legal precedents for libel cases.

  7. Wait a minute-
    The Supreme Court NEVER ruled that Scheidler wasn’t a violent terrorist, they just ruled that he coulnd’t be convicted on RICO statutes used to battle interstate organized crime.
    Some of Sheidler’s greatest hits:

  8. RICO, “any person or group who commits any of 2 of 35 crimes (27 fed and 8 state) within a ten year period and in opinion of US attorney, has committed those crimes with similiar purpose of results.” Two of those crimes could be fraud and extortion(“occurs when a person either obtains money,property, or services through coercion or intimidation or threatens one with physical or REPUTATIONAL harm unless paid money or property.”). Sound like what PP did in Aurora.

  9. Does anyone know what the word exonerate means? Ill give you a hint, from Merriam-Webster is means, “to clear from accusation or blame.”

    It seems silly to me, that the NOW would file such half-baked charges in the first place; without acquiring a conviction on any of the 121 acts which they allege took place. But I guess this is what we come to expect from PP and the NOW: a bunch of trumped up charges whose only purpose is to incite people into believing in their cause. If they could have proven any one of these cases individually, on their own merits, they wouldn’t need to file the RICO charges. But instead, this was their last ditch effort at inciting the public.

    It’s no wonder this case was successful defended, and defeated, twice. It’s also worth noting that these charges have not been re-filed. I guess they really don’t have a case after all.

    The NOW & PP should be ashamed for what they are selling here.

  10. They didn’t arrest and jail him for serving white wine with beef:
    Only because PETA wasn’t on the jury list.
    Laura, I’d be interested to see the details of those convictions. Do you have charges/dates/places? The two instances in your comment don’t seem relevant, as they are not convictions and/or have been overturned.

  11. Attention Moderators,
    Mary Kay (MK)
    Please remove Laura’s posts.
    She is making false statements, misconstruing quotations.
    If her identity were known, she could be sued for libel. But why bother, she’s a nobody.
    In any case, please remove her false statements.

  12. I like to read Laura’s posts. I enjoy reading the viewpoints of people I disagree with. I believe the debate helps me flesh out my own views. Just my opinion…

  13. Paul and everyone,
    Let’s first give Laura a chance to prove what’s she’s claiming. Of course she won’t be able to, and either will Planned Parenthood…but fair is fair.
    Second, Hal is correct. Laura has not actually broken any rules. She has simply cut and past what was written by Steve Trombley..
    Third, The more Laura opens her mouth, the more she makes the pro choice side look bad. Which is fine by us. Keep talkin’ Laura.
    Hopefully, the other pro-choicers on this site will get tired of being lumped in with her, and they will speak up…
    Fourth, The only harm she is doing is to herself. Joe Scheidler is certainly not being harmed. He’s a lot tougher than that.
    Fifth, My eyes get exercise that they would not otherwise get if Laura wasn’t posting…all that rolling, don’t ya know?
    Sixth, If that’s the worst she can come up, then I feel even more confident that her side is weak and our side is winning.
    So sorry, Paul, her comments, for now, will stay. But feel free to respond, in any way you see fit, because as I said, Fair is fair.

  14. Like so many of the other things PP and/or their supporters have done since we first learned of the deceit that opened the door to their locating here, their posts serve as props that actually make our point sometimes better than we can. Their on line rantings very efficiently reveal the weaknesses of their arguments, and give us an opportunity to understand the culture war we are engaged in.

  15. Wait a minute….are they sure they should file this against Planned Parenthood, or should it be Gemini….?????Or wait, have they dreamt up a new LLC yet??? Did Steve change his name legally yet??? My head is spinning!

  16. Paul,
    While I agree Laura’s head is spinning (ala Linda Blair?), the above comment was made by Laura K a prolifer and not Laura the prochoicer…
    Just didn’t want Laura K’s feelings to get hurt.
    I think she’s making fun of PP and the way they keep trying to get out of things. Changing their name, yet again, so that Tom Brechja won’t know who to sue, would be right up their alley…

  17. Jill,
    Awwww…but I’m not always right. I remember a time back in 1962…no, I was right that time too. But there was that time in ’74…nope, I was right then too…give me a minute….

  18. Oops! Sorry Laura K.
    To the other Laura, my comment for you was in the interest of keeping things light.
    However, I do unequivocably state that all of your posts above about the Joe Scheidler and the NOW v Scheidler case are false. All of the plaintiff’s charges were refuted and nothing that they claimed was proven. This truth was recognized by the U.S. Supreme Court twice.
    BTW, the definition of truth is:
    The conformity of mind and reality.

  19. And the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results.
    Having sex can get you pregnant.
    And Paul, I know Joe Scheidler personally, and I to can attest to the fact that the man is anything but violent! He’s a big, lean, loving machine.

  20. SoMG asks,
    Does the state have a law against filing frivolous lawsuits?

    But it does have a law against asking frivolous questions.

  21. Speaking of lying, someone, I think it was either Bethany or Heather, recently posted a remark (I can’t find the thread; should’ve marked it) mentioning opposable thumbs as one of about two things separating humankind from other forms of animal life. (I did not say mere animal life…)
    Here is another:
    “It may sound trite, but truth is all that separates us from the cave. People cannot communicate if they cannot assume that most of what they hear is true. Truth is prerequisite for a society to survive, for capitalism to flourish, and for a system of law to dispense justice, rather than raw power.” (Ann Coulter, “High Crimes and Misdemeanors The case against Bill Clinton”, p. 111.)
    Oh, and speaking of quotes, and of Planned Parenthood, here is a smattering of some from Ravi Zacharias’ “Imaginary Conversations” books, “Sense and Sensuality: Jesus talks with Oscar Wilde” and “The Lamb and the Fuhrer: Jesus talks with Hitler”, which anyone who hasn

  22. Delays

    Well, just because it’s the weekend doesn’t mean the news stops. First, the pro-life libel suit against Planned Parenthood has been delayed, I hear, because additional plaintiffs are continually being added. Look for that to be filed early next week….

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