There have been many comments on statistics the past few days. This will add to the conversation.
A note on this clock from the designer….

I designed this clock for the morbid curiousity in all of us. There’s just something about watching those numbers increment. View this clock on its own page at worldclock.htm [where you can also view data sources]. It is also available for free to anyone who wants to place it on their own webpage, myspace profile, or blog.

The author is right. There is indeed something about watching those abortion numbers. I’m not experiencing a sense of morbid curiosity by watching them, however. I’m experiencing extreme angst.
I also note STD/HIV/AIDS dwarf all other infectious diseases. Interestingly, we promote and teach prevention to stave off all infectious diseases but STD/HIV/AIDS. For STD/HIV/AIDS we implausably promote and teach the risky behavior causing them and then promote and teach deficient methods to avoid their consequences.
[HT: Jackie]

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