Yes. Earlier today President Bush vetoed the Democrats’ $30 billion expansion of SCHIP, the State Children’s Health Insurance Program.
Bush has agreed to increase SCHIP by $5 billion over 5 years, or 20%.
But the Democrat plan would have expanded government health coverage to include children of “poor” families making up to 400% over the federal poverty level, or $83,000. This was simply a backdoor attempt to codify universal health care into federal Americana.
frost.jpgSCHIP was designed in 1997 to cover children from families not qualifying for Medicaid but with annual incomes at or below 200% of the poverty level or 50% above a state’s Medicaid eligibility level.
Did any of you liberals wince Saturday when Democrats shamelessly exploited that brain-damaged 12-year-old boy, Graeme Frost, to read their weekly radio address? Worse, the script they had him read was a lie. He got help via SCHIP but insinuated he would not if injured after a presidential veto of the new Democrat plan. False….

One of the best parts of SCHIP is Republicans added “unborn children” as recipients in 2002. Democrats hated that. In fact, they tried to strike that language from the just-vetoed plan to instead cover “pregnant women.” Don’t say semantics don’t matter.
BTW, how were Dems going to pay for their SCHIP expansion? With a $.61 tax increase per pack of cigarettes. They said this tax would on one hand curb smoking and on the other raise funds. But their plan would require 22+ million new smokers in 10 years.


And since I always come back in on abortion, using the Democrats cigarette tax theory, if they really want to make abortion “rare,” wouldn’t they tax it rather than subsidize it? This is an analogous comparison, since poor people disproportionately smoke:

[Photo of Frost courtesy of Bloomberg; cartoon by Jerry Holbert courtesy of; chart courtesy of Heritge Foundation ]