I previously reported pro-lifer Chris Danze planned to travel from TX to CO to help Denver pro-lifers plot a boycott drive against Planned Parenthood’s planned 50,000 sq. ft. mega-mill on one square city block in a minority neighborhood.
Following is a photo of Chris’ visit over the weekend, taken at PP’s 29th and Vine mill location. Two more are on page 2. You can’t see the building due to the great lengths PP went to erect a Berlinesque wall to evade democracy and protect its lies and bondage from truth and freedom. Click to enlarge.
UPDATE, 11:10a:: To clarify, these aren’t photos of the property PP is intending to build on. These are photos outside another established PP mill in Denver.
Chris on left, pro-lifer on right

Pro-lifer on right, Chris on left

Guess next time we’ll need a taller ladder….