I recently got my hands on two lawsuits filed this year by former employees against Planned Parenthood Chicago Area and its CEO, Steve Trombley (Pelta v. Planned Parenthood and Chesis v. Planned Parenthood) .
One of those employees, Dr. Murray Pelta, was an abortionist for PP/CA from 1992-2007, its medical director from 1997-2007. The stories he must have to tell, and he indeed tells a couple in his complaint….
Trombley fired Pelta on Feb. 28, 2007, which triggered his complaint. He began by alleging a pharmaceutical quid pro quo….

Dr. Pelta and Trombley maintained a positive personal relationship for several years after Trombley’s appointment. Trombley even occasionally asked Dr. Pelta for favors, such as discreet medical prescriptions for Trombley’s personal use. Dr. Pelta wrote these prescriptions for Trombley and, in accordance with Trombley’s requests, did not record or report the issuance of the prescriptions.
Pelta’s complaint did not list the prescriptions dispensed, but the term “personal use” certainly broadens the speculative range.
Pelta listed the following revelation as the reason for his termination, a fitting term:
In January 2007, a pregnant former PP/CA board member and current PP/CA employee asked Dr. Pelta to perform a confidential abortion upon her….

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