by Gary Varvell of
On that topic, Charles Krauthammer wrote a column critical of Reagan on October 26, “Taking Reagan Out of the Race,” to which Mark Levin, who worked for Reagan, immediately responded, “Getting Reagan Right: Charles Krauthammer misses the crucial distinctions.”
What I appreciated in Krauthammer’s column was his point that none of the GOP presidential candidates are perfect, but….

… in 2007 we have, by any reasonable historical standard, a fine Republican field: One of the great big-city mayors of the last century; a former governor of extraordinary executive talent; a war hero, highly principled and deeply schooled in national security; and a former senator with impeccable conservative credentials….
Republicans have 4 1/2 good presidential candidates. All five would make fine Cabinet members: Romney at Treasury, Thompson at Justice, McCain at Defense, Giuliani at Homeland Security, Huckabee at Interior. All the team needs now is to pick a captain who can beat Hillary.

(Krauthammer as a pro-abort obviously has no problem with Giuliani, who I do agree would make a fine head of Homeland Security.)

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