les%204%20-%20bbq.jpgIn Chicago we have tailgate parties before Bears games. In Colorado pro-lifers have tailgate parties at protests. Major hoot.
Here’s the report from Leslie Hanks:

On November 18, 30-40 Denver pro-life activists enjoyed hot dogs and hamburgers at a protest and BBQ in front of the Cherry Hills Village home of Weitz Construction executive, Bill Hornaday.
Although it appeared that the Hornadays were not home, most of his neighbors saw the signs of aborted babies and “Abortion is always wrong” signs Planned Parenthood opponents carried. The youngest protester was a 5 day old baby boy….
One forlorn young woman… sat in her front yard with a hand made sign indicating her family will donate to Planned Parenthood every time there is a protest of the new super death camp’s construction company executive. Ironically, she told pro-lifers she was adopted, but she sadly championed a woman’s right to “choose.”

See more photos, including that sign, on page 2.



The West is certainly wild… :)

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