duggar.jpgWashington Post, November 19:

A young, trim farmer with four or more children: According to a new study, that’s the ideal profile for American men hoping to reach 100 years of age.
The research, based largely on data from World War I draft cards, suggests that keeping off excess weight in youth, farming and fathering a large number of offspring all help men live past a century….

Some surprising findings emerged. First of all, a man’s chances of reaching 100 rose along with the number of children he had produced by age 30.
Compared to childless men of the same age, a 30-year-old man in 1917 who had one to three children had a 61% increased chance of living past a century, the data showed. However, a man’s chances for extreme longevity almost tripled if he had fathered four or more children by age 30, the study found….
Theoretically, a household full of young kids should deplete a family’s resources and undermine the longevity of parents…. And yet, young dads with many children lived much longer than other men in this sample.
“This may be due to the support by the children when the person becomes older,” [study co-author Leonid] Gavrilov speculated. Alternatively, siring many children “could be an indicator of good general health and attractiveness on the marriage market, leading to earlier marriage and hence to more kids by age 30,” he said.

Apparently they can’t fathom the obvious, that fathers with many children are happier – giving and receiving more love – more active, and have more reasons to live.
[Photo is of the Duggar Family, who on August 2 welcomed their 17th baby. They have been featured on the Discovery Channel several times.]

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