traffic12.jpgThanks to you, October saw this blog’s biggest gain ever in visitors, resulting in its most trafficked month ever. We came thisclose to having 60,000 unique visitors (59,978 to be exact) and had 2.24 million hits. That’s all hard for me to comprehend, and I think I’ll get rattled if I try….

Helping maintain order is our Mod(erator) Squad, to whom I am inexpressibly indebted: Bethany, Jasper, Lauren, Mary Kay (MK), and Valerie. They spend as much time on the site as I do, and I appreciate them very much.
And awhile back Jasper took on the added task of finding the Quote of Day every day, which has also freed up my time. He does such a good job that I often tell him I’m converting the quote he found into a post, please find another!
At this time I’m pleased to announce the addition of another member of the Mod Squad, Jacqueline, who has added wit and wisdom to the site in the comments section for quite some time. I’ve also been bugging her to write some posts, so maybe you’ll see her authoring as well as commenting soon. Welcome, Jacqueline!
Other odds and ends
Reader and commenter Rosie took this picture at the October 27 pro-life rally at the Aurora Planned Parenthood of Stanek site bloggers (l to r) Rosie, MK, Kristen, PL Laura and various and sundry children:
Finally, I’m told if you go to Saturday at 7:30a or 2:30p, Sunday at 6a or 3p, or Monday at 2p (all times CST), you can hear an interview I taped with Mr. Bott about my column this week, “Inside Planned Parenthood.”
Thanks again to all of you for visiting and participating on this blog, dedicated to advancing the sanctity of life.
UPDATE, 4:10p: Dan, a commenter from the other side, has reminded me I owe thanks to the pro-choice commenters (I’ll not call you pro-aborts just this once to be nice) for stimulating the conversation, which is absolutely true. We do appreciate reading what you have to say. Iron sharpens iron, as Solomon said. And, hey, stick around long enough, and we’ll win you over.