giuliani%20fl.jpgCNN featured a photo of Rudy Giuliani signing autographs in Hialeah, FL, yesterday, which prompted me to check on the status of the Hialeah baby abortion murder case.
On the morning of July 20, 2006, an 18-year-old pregnant mother returned to A Gyn Diagnostics Center in Hialeah, now shut down, to abort her 23-week-old baby after having been given a medication to dilate her cervix the day before.
She complained of abdominal pain all day with abortionist Frantz Basile nowhere to be found. Finally, between 2-2:30p, she delivered the baby alive with at least one clinic worker present. Both saw the baby gasping for air and moving.
Clinic owner Belkis Gonzales allegedly came into the room, cut the cord, and put the living baby into a biohazard bag containing bleach….

An anonymous source notified police, who searched the premises but could not find the baby. Nine days later the source called police again, reporting staff had put the baby on the roof during the search but she was now back inside.
Police came again and retrieved the baby. DNA testing proved this baby belonged to the 18-year-old mother, who I have since spoken with. An autopsy determined the baby was born alive but was inconclusive as to the cause of death.
Here’s the status.
Dade County prosecutors have so far failed to take action. Meanwhile, the baby’s mother has retained the services of the Thomas More Society to pursue a wrongful death claim against Basile. Thomas More has in turn retained a private investigator and pathologist and is now pressing the prosecutor to let its pathologist conduct a second autopsy.
My sources tell me Dade County prosecutors are hung up on whether the baby was viable or not, as if it matters. 23 weeks is the typical line of viability. However, the baby’s age is not relevant. The baby was killed.
Thomas More has also retained local counsel to pursue a civil case if a criminal case is dropped.

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