the%20makers%20diet.jpgThe jury’s out whether I’m suffering from carbohydrate withdrawal or a touch of the flu, but I think it’s the former.
I started on The Maker’s Diet yesterday, and the author warned I might feel a little nauseous or headachy for a few days. So, sorry, I’ve been out of it today.
The premise of the book is to get back to eating foods God instructed the Israelites to eat in the form they ate them, organically.
Something the author wrote made me think of the young posters on this site, so many of whom have health problems….

Then there is my generation, affectionately termed “Generation X” – the first generation of young people to suffer in alarming numbers from chronic degenerative and autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis, lupus, chronic fatigue syndrome, Crohn’s disease, Type I diabetes, and even Parkinson’s disease. The rates of infertility are staggering….

I have been very concerned about the startling number of young people here who are on antidepressants, and have all sorts of maladies, including allergies and ADD. Is diet a key? The more I read, the more I think so.
But I’ll not leave we baby boomers out. Here’s what he said about us:

The baby boomers of the 1940s and 1950s are clearly the generation of widespread obesity, a health condition leading to diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. It seems that the main reason some baby boomers do not get cancer is because their lives have already been claimed by sudden heart attack.

I’m seeing food in a whole new light. God warned against eating pork, fish without scales like catfish, lobster, crab, etc., because these are all scavenger animals. They eat crap, pardon me. God just didn’t make up food rules to be mean. Up until recently when many abandoned orthodoxy, Jews enjoyed superior health to others. Because so many of them survived the Black Plague during the Dark Ages, for instance, they were even accused of causing it by poisoning wells from which they would not drink. Wiki confirms this point from the book.
There’s much more, and I’m sure my queasiness may not be the best advertisement for The Maker’s Diet (it’s pathetic, really), but it makes total sense. And it’s not just about food. It discusses Biblical hygiene – which God prescribed thousands of years before doctors learned to wash hands and instruments to maintain germ control – as a way to alleviate colds and flus from ourselves and our children.
I picked up the book at my local Bible book store, but there’s also a website.
Ok, back to work.

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