mr.%20brooks.jpgMy husband and I watched Mr. Brooks on dvd last night, starring Kevin Costner, William Hurt, and Demi Moore, and co-starring Marg Helgenberger.
I didn’t realize what I was getting into or I likely wouldn’t have rented Mr. Brooks, because it is one of those serial killer movies, and they freak me out.
But I really liked this movie. In fact, I give it 3-1/2 stars, a rarity for me. I love Hurt in any movie, and Costner, who I’ve never considered a great actor, was great.
So was the plot, for the most part. But there was one plot line that nabbed me. I only review movies with a pro-life theme or thread, and we had one here….

It was similar to the Godfather II thread, which portrayed ruthless mobster Michael Corleone as a fiercely devoted family man who became so enraged when finding out wife Kay had had a secret abortion he slapped her and banned her not just from his life but also from their children’s lives.
Here’s the trailer for Mr. Brooks:

In Mr. Brooks, the teenage daughter of serial killer Earl Brooks (Costner) turns up pregnant midway through her first semester of college. When Jane tells her parents, Earl emphatically states abortion is out of the question and offers to raise the baby. Jane is equally emphatically abortion minded until that moment, when she says she will reconsider. Typical. If a mother in a crisis pregnancy is offered love and support, she will most often choose life.
I won’t give away the end of Mr. Brooks except to say the prospect of his seeing future grandchild became Earl’s motivation for a life or death decision.
All of this is way twisted, I know. But similar to Godfather II, even a schizophrenic serial killer knows abortion is wrong, and similar to Godfather II, this became a redeeming quality of one who had no others.
Mr. Brooks’ pro-life stance was an obviously planned juxtaposition.
On one hand he was a serial killer no better than Dahmer and Gacy.
weekend%20question.jpgOn the other, he was pro-life. Of of all possible character attributes, the writer and director chose this as Mr. Brooks’ one featured nobility, something they decided demonstrated the exact opposite of the schizophrenic killer mentality.
Why is that?