That means, “This is How Abortions are Done in Spain,” a groundbreaking program showing abortions on Spanish national television for the first time last week. If only the American media were so honest.
According to, a reporter posing as an abortionist seeking work at El Bosque de Madrid got the footage. The report is entirely in Spanish, a tad frustrating.
Following is the expos&eacute. The first of 2 abortions is shown at 9:12. They are induced labor abortions, such as I witnessed at Christ Hospital. The first mother in the video appears to have had an epidural because her legs are floppy. Not sure on the 2nd. The brown tube is a catheter into the bladder, inserted because pregnant mothers with epidurals have lost the urge to urinate, and an empty bladder also makes more room for the baby to come down.
These mothers have had medication or laminaria (seaweed sticks) inserted into the birth canal to open the cervix, a process that can take 1 day to several days. The nurse has assessed they’re ready to deliver. Little push, and the babies are out. The video states 1 of the babies, shown in the soiled utility room later, was 20-21 weeks old, or 5 months. LSN reported staff killed the baby beforehand by lethal injection. I wish someone would translate the video into English. LSN has done some transcribing, which I’ve excerpted on page 2.

In a strange development, after that broadcast someone anonymously brought a chopped up fetus to the television studio, which filmed the remains and then took them to police. This baby was aborted via the D&E procedure, or dilatation & evacuation.

Since November, Spanish police have been conducting raids on illegal late-term mills. If only the American justice system were so diligent.
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Quoting LSN:

“The baby is born dead. His cradle: a trash can,” says the commentator in voice-over on the tape. An abortion of the baby of a second woman is also shown.
After showing the second abortion, the commentator remarks. “As soon as the baby is born, the doctor must cover it up. No one looks at it. No one examines it.”
Later, the undercover reporter examines one of the dead children. “Hands, feet, a face. The cadaver of a human being,” the commentator notes. The doctor, a woman, remarks that the baby is 21 weeks old, but says she “never” looks at the bodies of the fetuses.
“Never?” asks the undercover reporter, who is posing as a doctor looking for work at the clinic. “Never,” the woman repeats “Never, never, never again!” When asked why, the doctor says “Because I don’t like it.” “Of course, you are a mother, I assume, right?” the reporter asks. No answer is given.
All of the patients preparing for abortions were over five months pregnant, “a period in which the fetus is completely formed and in possession of all of its senses,” notes the voice-over. One of the patients is only 15 years old.
The doctor explicitly acknowledges in the video that many of the patients have no valid reason for their abortions. However, she assures the reporter that the clinic has a psychiatrist who will automatically sign the necessary forms to authorize it because of “psychological” need as required under Spanish law.
“Here they sign everything,” she says. “The psychiatrist is a member of the clinic and everything is done in house.” The test she gives is “a mere procedure.”
“Here, whoever wants an abortion, gets one,” says the commentator, noting that such procedures described are illegal. The doctor admits that this is business as usual….
The clinic is in desperate need of personnel, explains the commentator.
In the video, the owner explains that they used to have the nurses do the abortions, although the law will no longer allow this. He blithely describes the procedure as it was done by nurses, telling the undercover reporter… it is only necessary to “wait until the woman expels it (the fetus), and to take it out by its rear end. If the placenta doesn’t come out they call me.”
He assures the undercover reporter that if if that happens “you grab the pincers…and ‘pin pin pin’ and that’s it,” waving his hands around with a casual look on his face.