Thanks, Planned Parenthood, seriously.
Backdrop: The State of IL passed a parental notice bill in 1995 that laid dormant for over a decade because the then-liberal IL Supreme Court refused to enact rules so a minor girl in an abusive home could instead get permission from the courts.
lisa%202.jpgIn 2006 a constitutionally friendly Supreme Court wrote rules and instructed rabidly pro-abort Attorney General Lisa Madigan to enact the law, which, of course, she dragged her feet on throughout early 2007.
Finally in May 2007, Madigan completed her part, and since then the decision whether to enact the law has been in the hands of notoriously slow federal judge David Coar. The ACLU is disputing whether IL court systems are prepared.
Then Planned Parenthood Aurora reared its ugly head in late July and opened for business in early October, despite huge outcry from citizens.
With parental notice now necessary to protect Aurora families, last week by unanimous vote the Aurora City Council passed a resolution submitted by alderman Rick Lawrence calling on the state to do something….

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the City of Aurora, Illinois urges that the State of Illinois aggressively work with the Attorney General and the courts to resolve the issues involved so that implementation of the Parental Notification Act of 1995 can immediately proceed. Furthermore, we notify neighboring municipalities to be concerned about the same and hereby approve this resolution as fore stated.

Read the full resolution at OpenLineBlog.
With the 2nd largest city in IL passing such a resolution, its 3rd largest city, Naperville, is planning to introduce the same as early as tonight, according to OLB:

Now, city leaders in Naperville are preparing to move forward as well, which makes sense considering the Planned Parenthood facility happens to be between the two cities with a combined metropolitan population of over 400,000 people.
Naperville Councilmen Dick Furstenau and Darlene Senger are both planning to introduce their own parental notification resolution to further push this matter into prime-time focus of everyone in the State of Illinois and U.S. District Court Judge David Coar’s courtroom to get action on protecting children.
The matter could be introduced as early as next week’s meeting on Tuesday, December 4th and voted upon during the December 18th meeting.

Hopefully more municipalities will follow suit.
[Sun-Times Madigan photo credit: McHenry County Blog]