breaking.jpgI reported December 10 that KS Attorney General Paul Morrison had been accused by a former subordinate of engaging in a two-year affair that only ended in September.
Moreover, the woman, Linda Carter, alleged Morrison asked her to spy on her current boss, Johnson County District Attorney Phill Kline, and provide Morrison with inside info on Kline’s investigation of Planned Parenthood for illegal late-term and underage abortions, which in itself would be illegal.
Last night the Kansas City Star broke this news:

Racked by scandal, facing multiple investigations and with calls for his resignation mounting, Attorney General Paul Morrison simply couldn’t hold on any longer.
Saying the scandal was damaging his office and taking a toll on his family, Morrison announced Friday that he would resign, effective Jan. 31, just over a year after he took office….

“I’ve held others accountable for their actions, and now I must be held accountable for my mistakes,” he said, his face grim as he read a statement outside his office. “Many people feel betrayed by my actions. And they have every right to feel that way.”
Gov. Kathleen Sebelius will select a successor; there’s no time frame for her decision, though several names are being tossed out as possibilities.


Just a week ago, Morrison, 53, was considered a rising star in the Democratic Party, a former Republican who easily defeated then-Attorney General Phill Kline in last year’s election. Many counted Morrison as one of the state’s most popular politicians and predicted a long political career.
How fast things change.
This week, his reputation was devastated by revelations of a two-year affair with Linda Carter, a former employee in the Johnson County district attorney’s office, and allegations that he harassed Carter and tried to use her to meddle with the DA’s office, now run by Kline. Throughout the week, Morrison seemed resolute, acknowledging the affair but steadfastly denying the other allegations.
New details about the affair and the allegations emerged throughout the week. On Friday, Harris News reported that Kline learned of the affair weeks and possibly months before it was revealed to the public, and that his investigator took a statement from Carter this fall detailing her relationship with Morrison….
Current investigations of the scandal are likely to continue. The resignation came one day after Kline won approval from the Johnson County Commission to hire a special prosecutor to investigate whether Morrison committed any crimes….

You couldn’t make this stuff up, a long KS saga that started with Kline’s launch as AG of an investigation into illegal abortions committed by late-term abortionist George Tiller and Planned Parenthood.
This is a breakthrough. I expect Kline will fully investigate whether Morrison tampered with his federal investigation of PP. This should lead to other revelations. Maybe we’ll get to the bottom of Morrison and Democrat Gov. Kathleen Sebelius’s obsession with protecting Tiller/PP… just in time for Sebelius’s 2010 reelection bid? … against Sam Brownback?
[HT: Kathy Ostrowski, Kansans for Life Legislative Director, and Leslie Hanks and ]