morrison.jpgYesterday the Topeka Capital Journal dropped a bombshell with lurid details of an affair KS Attorney General Paul Morrison carried on from September 2005 to September 2007 – just a couple months ago – with a woman named Linda Carter, not just a subordinate but also a staffer in nemesis Phill Kline’s office.
Morrison was the Republican Johnson County District Attorney when he switched parties to run against then-AG Phill Kline last year, and won. In an ironic twist, Republicans then appointed Kline to complete Morrison’s DA term. All the while, Linda Carter worked for both men at the JoCo DA’s office.
Carter quit her job November 30 and has filed sexual harrassment charges against Morrison.
Carter alleges in a signed statement that Morrison tried to get her to illegally spy on Kline’s activities re: his fight to charge Planned Parenthood with illegal minor and late-term abortions. According to the TC-J….
[Also see page 2 for pro-family ad Morrison’s family made during the AG campaign.]

Morrison also attempted to glean from her sensitive information about Kline’s activities as district attorney, Carter’s statement said. That includes Kline’s ongoing criminal prosecution of Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri, an abortion clinic in Johnson County.
Morrison has been critical of charges brought by Kline against Planned Parenthood, and he has intervened in his capacity as attorney general into a legal dispute about abortion records relied upon by Kline to build that case.

As AG, Morrison worked overtime to get serious charges made by Kline dropped against late-term KS abortionist George Tiller, a campaign contributor. Morrison filed misdemeanor charges instead and is now part of a battle to stop a citzen’s grand jury from investigating Tiller. This topic also entered into the affair: According to the TC-J:

Morrison and Carter had an argument in March about Morrison’s investigation of Wichita abortion doctor George Tiller. Kline had attempted to charge Tiller with violating the state’s abortion statutes, but he was never was able to bring Tiller to trial.
When Morrison became attorney general, he promised to conduct a complete, independent review of the Tiller case. Carter said in her statement that she urged Morrison to charge Tiller.
She also said Morrison alleged Kline’s approach to the abortion investigation was “unethical.” The argument ended with Morrison storming out of Carter’s apartment.

The TC-J expose reads like a steamy novel. Morrison and Carter had sex just about everywhere, including both their offices. During the AG campaign, with the affair ongoing, Morrison denied Kline’s charges of sexually harrassing a previous subordinate, leading to this campaign commerical by Morrison’s family, in retrospect embarrassing and degrading:

Cad is too light a description of Morrison. Pig is better.
Meanwhile, Kline has displayed compassionate and sterling character. Carter’s statement says Kline told her in July that Morrison’s wife Joyce had called to apologize for saying during the AG campaign that Kline had “lost his moral compass” by making the sexual harrassment allegations. By then Joyce apparently knew better. Kline never said anything publicly about that call.
And in a related incident, it looks like Kline tried to shield Carter, and perhaps Joyce, from publicity in August on another lawsuit filed by 8 disgruntled employees Kline fired that Morrison tried to get Carter to involve herself in. According to the AC-J:

Kline’s attorneys asked to file a motion under seal with the federal court to shield a witness from being tampered with by someone outside the “Olathe 8” lawsuit. The request was denied by U.S. Magistrate Judge James O’Hara, who suggested the motion could be filed as a public document. The D.A.’s legal team said a confidential motion was appropriate because contents of the motion could cause someone “grave harm.”

One of many questions I have is did Linda Carter have an abortion? Did Morrison have other affairs that led to other abortions? Is he worried that investigations of Planned Parenthood and George Tiller will implicate him personally?
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