goals.jpgPerhaps because I made a resolution last year and stuck to it, I’m high on resolutions.
I committed last January, after the Blogs4Life conference, to focusing on my blog, which I did, and thanks to all of you, traffic increased by 650%!
The blog also received nods from the Chicago Tribune and LA Times this year and more nyas than ever from pro-abort blogs.
God brought 6 invaluable moderators to help with the comment load this year – Bethany, Jacqueline, Jasper, Lauren, MK, and Valerie – and very recently brought proofreader Angela! Jasper additionally finds the quote of the day, which is a huge help….

Thank you to you all for a very successful year promoting pro-lifers and activities and shedding light on the notorious abortion industry!
I have a few pro-life resolutions for 2008: to continue to grow the blog, to consistently submit my columns to WorldNetDaily, and to tackle that book.
one%20year.gifA personal resolution is to read the Bible in one year. I found a good One Year Bible a couple days ago at my local Bible book store that includes a section of the OT, NT, Psalms and Proverbs in each 15-minute daily reading. I like that variety. I have a chronological One Year Bible but always gave up a couple chapters into Leviticus.
perfect.jpgAnd my final (public) personal resolution is to eat healthy and exercise this year. A month ago I mentioned starting The Maker’s Diet, and I’m pleased to report I’ve lost 10 pounds. The author of TMD, Jordan Rubin, has just published a new book, Perfect Weight America, which I also purchased at my Bible book store the other day and have not been able to put down. After a lifetime of yo-yo dieting, I find Jordan has answers that click for me.
What about you? Would you like to commit to some resolutions or goals for 2008?

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