“Come into the parlor,” said the spider to the fly

by Mary Kay Hastings
spiderfly.jpgBrent Rooney makes the case that since no studies were ever done of abortions on animals, performing them on people is a clear cut case of “human experimentation.” Coincidentally, these “experiments” are being done primarily on black and Hispanic women:

“Suction” abortion (VAA, Vacuum Aspiration Abortion) performed on Black American women and Hispanic-American women is EXPERIMENTAL UNPROVEN surgery, since there are zero published animal studies demonstrating safety from risks of future premature births, mammary (breast) cancer, etc.
On 16 January 2008, Dr. Sharon Camp, President of the research arm of Planned Parenthood (AGI, Alan Guttmacher Institute) admitted in an email to me that AGI could find no published animal ‘suction’ abortion study.
It is an ethical scandal that “suction” abortions were performed on humans before safety
validation via published animal studies.

Margaret Sanger would be proud. Reading on:

In 2004 Black American Women had 38.2% of all U.S. abortions, according to CDC (Centers for Disease Control) data.
Since Black Women only represent about 13% of the U.S. female population, 38.2% means that Black American Women had 4.1 times the IA (Induced Abortion) rate as the non-black U.S.
population in 2004.
According to a 2007 study of Missouri women, Blacks have 3.7 times the risk of extremely pre-term birth (under 28.0 weeks’ gestation).

So where’s the harm?
These findings are backed by what Rooney calls “the Polish anti-experiment”:
When Poland passed extreme restrictions to IA (induced abortion) access into law in 1989, government officials did not know that they were conducting an “anti-experiment.”
Opponents to the new law predicted dire results for women’s health. Between 1989 and 1993, Poland’s IA rate per 1000 births plummeted by 98%. Between 1995 and 1997, dramatic trends occurred (according to United Nations data):

  • 41.8% plunge in Poland’s pre-term birth rate
  • 41.4% drop in Poland’s maternal mortality rate
  • 25.0% decline in infant mortality
    This Polish “miracle” was documented in the Winter issue of the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons via the Rooney/Johnston letter.

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    1. Janet,’
      Right? Those stats from Poland say it all…
      Thank God there is a country that we can compare with. Malta, Ireland and Poland are all that are left…):

    2. Janet,
      Yes I am seriously trying to go vegan for Lent. I broke it again at super, I had a slice of cheese pizza, I was just sooo hungry and there weren’t any good vegan entrees. I made friends though with a strict vegan and I think he’s going to help me. Wish me luck!

    3. Also, Oreo’s are vegan. To an extent. Some refined flour is made with animal bones so it’s not really a vegan food. I’m going to be lenient with that though. Basically cut out eggs and dairy, which were the only animal bi-products I have eaten since I was 7 12years ago.

    4. Jess, here is a WONDERFUL vegan site that i visit often. I have it bookmarked and have tried many things from her site.
      I am no where close to being a vegan, but this woman makes such beautiful looking food, that it makes me want to try a lot of vegan dishes:

    5. Bethany,
      I want to go vegan for Lent. After seeing and hearing of so much animal cruelty in this country I thought giving up animal products would be the perfect thing for Lent.

    6. “There is SO MUCH WRONG here.”
      Last night I heard the above statement used as proof of the existence of original sin. Just a thought…..

    7. I just attended a fundraiser for PCRM which is a vegan resource group. They are currently working with the Attorney General to ensure that California enforces its law that all foods that contain carcinogens are labeled as required. Naturally the fast food businesses are fighting it.
      I actually got interested in the prolife movement when I was attending a rally calling on the county to stop supplying dogs from the pound to med schools for their dog labs. Thanks to the campaign of PCRM every single medical school in the nation has discontinued dog labs. Anyway a man who walked past the rally said he felt that we should all be concerned about unborn children who were also victims.
      I think life is precious and should be valued. I think it is dishonest to pretend resources are too scarce to provide for everyone. If insurance company execs can make up to $100 million annually, then there is enough $ for universal health care. There is also enough to provide for poor women and their children.

    8. I never liked steak Doug. I’ve already been a vegetarian for 12 years no problem.
      Yeah there was seriously nothing for dinner tonight besides iceberg lettuce that I could eat so I got some cereal. I looked for the soy milk but they didn’t have it, so I had lactose free milk. I figured it was the next best thing : /

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