NARAL2.jpgEarlier this month NARAL Pro-Choice Washington breathlessly reported 10% of Washington state pharmacies don’t stock or refuse to dispense the morning-after pill, thereby creating a crisis.
It is irrelevant but fun to note that, according to the Abortion in Washington blog, the Washington State Pharmacy Association, although pro-MAP, promptly released a statement that it was “appalled by [NARAL’s] sloppy data collection process and inaccurate conclusions… littered with errors, out-of-date information and inaccuracies.” These included marking 30 pharmacies as both stocking and not stocking the MAP, etc.
But what could NARAL do about it anyway, even if the number was truly scary, say 12%? In November a district court judge enjoined a new rule that would have forced pharmacists to stock and dispense the MAP, in violation of their 1st Amendment rights.
I said all that to get to this….

Somehow the peeps at AIW got the head of NARAL Pro-Choice Washington, Karen Cooper, to do a triple-gotcha phone interview. Great questions (underlined). Some cuts:

Some have argued that it is hypocritical for an organization calling itself “Pro-Choice Washington” to be actively trying to coerce pharmacists, to take away their freedom to choose.
Ms. Cooper described such views as “ridiculous.”
“We don’t see that as a contradiction at all. There’s no analogy there whatsoever. One is a personal choice, the other is a retail choice.”


But what interest does an abortion organization have in reducing the number of unintended pregnancies? Ms. Cooper laughed loudly (and somewhat nervously) at the question.
While hearing the question repeated, Ms. Cooper interrupted after the word ‘abortion’: “Listen, this isn’t an abortion pill, it’s a birth control pill,” she asserted….
When asked if the medication works sometimes by preventing implantation of a human embryo… Ms. Cooper claimed that “nobody knows’…. “It might work that way,” she admitted when pushed.


AIW pressed for… why an abortion group would be so determined to prevent unplanned pregnancies… especially… a group which believes abortion should be legal through all 9 months of pregnancy, by any procedure, for any reason, at any age, without delay, at taxpayers’ expense, and without apology.
This was met with a long silence, followed by a nervous confession that “abortion is a very hard thing for women emotionally… a very hard decision.”…
After responding to this last question, clearly uncomfortable, she hung up.

[HT: Pharmacists for Life International]