By Jasper

2008 March for Life

Tim Graham from NewsBusters summarized the poor news coverage of the March for Life, which drew well over 100,000 people:

ABC, CBS, and NBC had absolutely nothing on the March, and absolutely nothing on the 35th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade. By contrast, Fox News Channel at least had a fair-and-balanced report on the March on Tuesday night’s Special Report with Brit Hume….

National Public Radio offered several segments on the Roe anniversary, but no mention of the March for Life (with the asterisk that news breaks on the hour are not loaded into Nexis.)
Morning Edition carried a Kathy Lohr on attempts in some states to pass a Human Life Amendment, with both sides of the debate represented (the labels were “pro-life” and “pro-choice”). The afternoon talk show Talk of the Nation did a long segment on women discussing their abortions with after-abortion counselors Aspen Baker and Teri Reisser, who agreed women shouldn’t feel post-abortion guilt. All Things Considered anchor Robert Siegel interviewed Rudy Giuliani about his abortion views. But NPR aired nothing specifically about the protest whatsoever.
CNN barely mentioned the March. One Alina Cho anchor brief on American Morning contained the perfunctory line that “Rallies and protests on both sides of the issue planned in Washington today.” That’s a strange line, since the Washington Post made no mention whatsoever of any pro-abortion events for that day.

If they were illegal alien activists, they’d get front-page coverage, multimedia packages, and prime time on TV airwaves.
If they were anti-war activists, they’d get front-page coverage, multimedia packages, and prime time on TV airwaves.
The twisted media will give front page coverage to 100 people who are pro-baby killing, or eight illegals with a personal grudge against a radio talkshow host, but they won’t cover tens of thousands marching on Washington protesting the passage of Roe v. Wade. They don’t even like talking about the fact that the woman at the center of that pitiful case has changed sides, regrets her actions, and says the pro-death side pulled every snarky trick in the book to get her to go along with their program.