drudge2.jpgDrudge today has picked up the story of UCLA pro-lifers who set up a sting to investigate whether Planned Parenthood would take donations specifically to abort black babies.
Although PPs in 7 states were willing to take the genocide $, focus now is on Planned Parenthood of Idaho, whose director of development Autumn Kersey said on tape “absolutely” such a donation could be earmarked and that she was “excited” by the request.
UCLA’s The Advocate has released an extended play video, posting their actor’s entire conversation with Kersey (at 1:30 on on video) along with a follow-up call to Kersey (at 4:40) wherein she denied it ever happened….

That is not true…. This is an unfortunate scam amongst some anti-Planned Parenthood group. They’ve been calling Planned Parenthoods all over the country and posing as donors who want to set up funds in a very racist, horrifying manner…. I was shaking and pretty upset after I hung up the phone with the gentleman who called me.

Kersey should have gotten her story straight with CEO of PP of ID Rebecca Poedy before following up her racism with a stupid cover-up attempt.
Poedy admitted Kersey’s “serious mistake” in a written statement on February 28, according to IdahoStatesman.com.
Then she resorted to typical PP form, attacking the messenger:

While the actions of our staff member were unacceptable, it’s also unacceptable for opponents of abortion to use racist, deceptive tactics to smear Planned Parenthood. The race-baiting tactics on display in this case are not news ‘exposes,’ but rather the product of the most cynical form of politicking.

Whatever, your employee took the bait, Ms. Poedy. And now PP of ID is refusing to say whether it fired Kersey.
[HT: son Tim]