New Stanek WND column, “Pro-life Democrats see success”


There was an interesting little story in the Washington Post Feb. 28, with this lead:

The Virginia Senate voted Wednesday to cut off state funding to Planned Parenthood of Virginia because it offers abortions….

These sorts of measures go through fits and starts in various states and often fizzle. This particular bill likely won’t make it past Virginia’s pro-abort governor, Timothy Kaine.
But what made this vote stand out was this key point, again quoting the Post:

The decision [was] a major setback for the Senate’s new Democratic

Democrats could not break one lone pro-life member, Charles Colgan, from voting with the Republican minority….
One pro-life Democrat made the difference.
When Democrats wrested control of both houses of Congress on the national level in 2006, the pro-life situation there looked dire.
It was anticipated Democrats would try to knock off all long-standing pro-life riders on appropriations bills and pass anti-life legislation to boot.
But none of that happened….
Here’s the inside scoop on what’s happening with Democrats on the national level, from well-placed pro-life spies….

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  1. Again, I have to question the quote of the day. Why all the pregnant celebrity quotes? Woohoo… they’re having babies. Number one, it has nothing to do with the pro-life agenda: lots of pro-choice people have babies… my mom, for example had three of them. Number two, celebrities are boring. Enough, already.

  2. Though I will admit I liked the post with the pregnant Christina Aguilara pictures. I have never seen the woman look so beautiful in my life.

  3. Jessica Alba is in the new Barak Obama ad. She’s doing two speaking engagements for him as well.

  4. Leah, all quotes of the day are tied to the life issue. And they are not necessarily pro-life quotes by pro-lifers. Sometimes I post, not Jasper, as was in this case. I am always fascinated by Hollywood’s take on pregnancy, children, parenthood. What goes up on my blog is a reflection of what interests me, obviously.

  5. Since when does Hollywood have a “take” on pregnancy? Reproduction is a part of life… it’s sort of necessary for the continuation of the species. Woot.

  6. Jill,
    Regrettably, even though 90-percent-plus of Republicans in the U.S. House are reliable pro-life votes (except on the issue of embryonic stem cell research, where it is around 80 percent), there are not enough pro-life Democrats to give us a working majority on most issues.
    In fact, during the current Congress, the pro-life side has lost every NRLC-scored House vote so far, with the exception of our narrow success in defeating a clone-and-kill bill in June, 2007. See the NRLC House scorecard-to-date.
    On the specific issue of the pro-life Mexico City Policy, regrettably, the pro-death side did indeed have the votes to “snuff the Mexico City Policy.”
    In 2007 the House Appropriations Committee approved a bill containing language to badly weaken the Mexico City Policy, and when our side tried to delete it on the floor (with the Smith-Stupak Amendment) on June 21, 2007, we lost 218-205. Later we lost on even worse language in the Senate. The reason that the policy “emerged unscathed” was the fact that the President made it clear he would veto the entire foreign operations bill if the anti-MCP language (either version) was not removed — and, if that bill were combined with other bills, then he would veto the combo bill unless the offensive language was removed. In the face of this vow, the Democratic leadership dropped both versions of the offensive language.
    However, the House is closely enough divided that our side can still prevail on some issues, as we did on the clone-and-kill issue, and as I believe we would be likely to do if we can obtain a vote on the Vitter-Pitts Amendment to prohibit coverage of abortion in Indian health programs, which recently passed the Senate. Moreover, there is sufficient pro-life support in the House to sustain a veto on any of the issues that are currently in dispute, including the legislation that would mandate funding of research that requires the killing of human embryos.

  7. PIP,
    Do know what those bumper stickers mean that say “COEXIST” ? There usually side by side with a Darwin sticker or a Bush sucks (1-20-09) sticker…

  8. Jasper, I think they’re a call for religious people of all persuasions to get along and “coexist” better.

  9. Yes, jasper, they usually mean they want religions and ideologies to coexist peacefully. Sorry I didn’t answer earlier. I was running off to class and didn’t get a chance to. ;)

  10. Asa pro-life Democrat, this article definitely made me smile. It’s not about how many of us there are, but how effective we can be.

  11. you know, tim kaine might approve it. VA has a history of moderation among our democrats, and Its really up in the air right now. when will he decide to aprove it or veto?

  12. you know, tim kaine might approve it. VA has a history of moderation among our democrats, and Its really up in the air right now. when will he decide to aprove it or veto?
    Posted by: Daniel at March 12, 2008 3:08 PM
    How much $$$ did Kaine get from PP, NARAL, NOW etc.?
    That will answer the question pretty quick.

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