Train up a child?

bruri.jpgHere’s a wild story, from the Associated Press, February 28:

A newborn girl fell through the toilet in a moving train and onto the tracks moments after her mother gave birth prematurely, surviving nearly two hours before being found….
The infant’s mother, who uses the single name Bhuri, was traveling with relatives… when she went to the bathroom… and unexpectedly gave birth, said Arjun Kumar, her brother-in-law.
“Later, she fell unconscious and the baby fell through the toilet,” he said. “Two stations later, we knocked at the door.”
Bhuri opened the door, soaked in blood….

“When we asked her about what happened, she said the baby had fallen through onto the tracks,” Kumar said.
Toilets on Indian trains usually have holes that open directly onto the tracks….
[R]elatives pulled the train’s emergency brake and notified railway officials. A search was quickly organized, and guards at one of the stations the train had passed soon found the baby.
“She was on the rail track for almost 1-1/2 to two hours,” said Dr. Gautam Jain, a pediatrician at Rajasthan Hospital… where the baby and mother were taken.
The infant, who has not yet been named, was eight to 10 weeks premature and weighed only about 3# 4oz, Jain said. She had a low heart rate and body temperature.
“We do not expect such children to survive,” Jain said, adding that her survival was “God’s mercy.”

I can’t believe the baby lived either. So many reasons she should not have. Yes, God’s mercy.
[HT: reader JM; photo of Bhuri and baby courtesy of the AP]

19 thoughts on “Train up a child?”

  1. Ahhhhh, the irony!
    Not only did she survive being born early, being born in a toilet, being unattended for hours, and not getting hit by another train, but she survived the largest reason for infant mortality in India.
    She had the audacity to be born FEMALE.
    I’m thinking a good name would be Karishma, which means miracle in Sanskrit.

  2. I can’t believe she survived either. I heard this on the radio and my jaw dropped. I wonder what the average temperature is around this time of year. I also heard the umbilical cord was still attached.
    MK- I’ve been meaning to e-mail you. I’ll try to do that sometime this week.

  3. So thankful that she is ok. What a miracle girl!
    Trying hard NOT to think about the toilets on the trains in India…

  4. “She had the audacity to be born FEMALE”
    I know MK, what gave her that right. Invading a mothers body like that and becoming female, oh, the nerve.

  5. Yeah I saw this online the other day…its hot and humid in India this time of year – probably about the temp and moisture level of your average incubator. Anywhere even a bit colder or with dry air, she wouldn’t have had a chance. But wow…you’d think the impact alone would have killed her – amazing.

  6. EEEEUUUUU! Imagine your first experience of life to be falling through a train toilet and landing on tracks littered with human excrement.

  7. I dedicated the song “Mr. Brightside” to the baby on our college radio station when I heard this awhile ago. The good thing is I’m sure people are donating money to this family.

  8. All I can say to that is wow.
    Seriously…I don’t think I’ve ever heard something so crazy.
    I wonder what the mother thought when she woke up.
    :looks around: “Now I KNOW I came in here with a baby in my belly”

  9. Son: Mommy where do babies come from?
    Mommy: They come from trains.
    Son: No they don’t you’re lying!
    *choo choo PLOP*
    Mommy: Told you so.

  10. Lighten up Sally, it could be worse: imagine your first experience of life (the unborn are living human beings, you know) being sucked or hacked to pieces (with no anesthesia) by some wackjob social engineer got up as a “doctor” in a “family planning” “clinic”…not improbably with instruments with human body fluids and other matter left on them from the last patient or six…(there are reasons why the abortion cartel fights regulations…) At least this little girl survived. Where there’s life there’s hope.
    MK and Elizabeth, great posts.

  11. I think that you really can judge people by the way they comment different stuff. Some people, even expressing negative thoughts, are still polite and they respect and understand other people. Some people are not even trying to be nice, they just don’t care. I think self-confident person will always act nice, no matter what other people do

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