by Steven Ertelt
So the latest news out of France is that Chantal Sebire allowed herself to get in the condition she was in so she could press for assisted suicide.
Sebire, as Jill’s readers will recall, is the woman with a terrible facial tumor who received international attention for her condition and French courts denying her request for a doctor to help her kill herself.

Well, now come to find out she a) refused medical treatment, b) refused offers of surgery to correct the problem and lead a normal life, and c) refused both drugs and palliative care to help her deal with the pain.
Sadly, this woman appeared to have a death wish and appeared more interested in promoting the pro-euthanasia political agenda than genuinely seeking legitimate medical care.
This reminds of the problems in Oregon – where the assisted suicide law is not operating as it should.
Sebire’s situation was certainly heart-wrenching and she originally deserved all the support in the world, but these new revelations make it tough to consider her anything but a political opportunist. And it takes away from the real pain patients with no control over their situations deal with on a daily basis.

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