Abortionist killer pleads “not guilty” of manslaughter

Laura Smith’s mom Eileen forwarded this video of yesterday’s court proceedings where a Cape Cod DA charged Laura’s abortionist Rapin Osathanondh with manslaughter for “willful, reckless conduct,” according to NECM.com, leading to her death:

Read previous posts on Laura’s death here, here, and here.

Planned Parenthood’s McCain-Viagra ad based on myth

This is related to my July 23 WND column, “McCain and Viagra.”
Newsweek yesterday reposted an article by Jess Henig of FactCheck.org about this Planned Parenthood ad currently airing in DC and battleground states including CO, IA, MN, NM, OH, and WI, according to Henig:

Henig determined, in fact…

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“beingHUMAN: 40 Days for Life II” airs tonight

40 days.jpgWhether or not you have cable, you can watch the 30-minute documentary “beingHUMAN: 40 Days for Life II” tonight on EWTN at 6:30p EST.
Instructions how to watch the show via the Internet are posted on page 2.
“beingHUMAN” will spotlight the highly successful 40 Days for Life campaign….

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(Prolifer)ations 7-25-08

Thumbnail image for blog buzz.jpgby Colleen W.
News from the pro-life blogs today….

  • Mark Pickup comments on the death of Harriet McBryde Johnson, disability rights lawyer, opponent of euthanasia, and an atheist. Mark shares Johnson’s New York Times article, “Unspeakable Conversations,” about her encounter with Peter Singer, the Princeton professor who supports infanticide for children born with disabilities (ancient Sparta, anyone?)….

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  • Another bend

    susan juliette.jpgOn July 23 People magazine published “The former ‘Pregnant Man’ debuts his baby” with the first public photo of the beautiful little girl, who looks an awful lot like her… um….
    As if the story of this baby’s conception and prenatal carriage weren’t strange enough, see if you can find a new plot twist in the story, not really a gender bender… I don’t think… but still slightly confusing:

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    I said what?

    Archie will love this attention. It may give his blog a much needed traffic bump.
    Again, here’s what I actually wrote.
    What the heck. I’m in a sharing mood today. Below is one of the more amusing samples of malignments I receive. It appears Alex considers me both a witch and a witch killer. And this line was… well… indescribable in unmalignable terms: “What part of having an abortion means that the woman believes her child is unworthy of birth?”…

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    Something ‘WIC’-ked this way comes

    UPDATE, 9:15a: Michelle Malkin has linked to Dawn’s post, adding her own choice thoughts.
    Credit for post title goes to Dawn Eden of Dawn Patrol, who also revealed this maddening information on her blog today:
    WIC 3.jpg

    Visit the USDA’s WIC Learning Center, the official Web site for the U.S. government’s Women, Infants and Children program, and you will find a link to the home page of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

    WIC is supposed to be a low-income nutritional program!

    WIC provides nutritious foods, nutrition counseling, and referrals to health and other social services to participants at no charge. WIC is effective in improving the health of pregnant women, new mothers, and their infants….

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    Action needed NOW on DHHS conscience protection regs

    act now.jpgA fierce fight was launched last week over a proposed Department of Health and Human Services regulation that would attach financial strings to laws that have been in place for 35 years guaranteeing health care providers and institutions the right to practice medicine without violating conscience.
    See my previous post for backdrop.
    If you’ve paid attention to the news, you’ve seen the other side has inundated MSM outlets, the White House, and DHHS with ferocious protests.
    Pro-lifers must fight back, and today….

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