Before I get to the story I’m posting on, here’s a verrry interesting post showing how the New York Times edited a story on Sarah Palin’s acceptance speech by removing the word “electrifying”, to describe the speech, as well as to describe Obama pimping Hillary and other women to campaign for him in her wake.
And now a story in today’s Wall Street Journal:

The moderate evangelical vote is slipping away from Barack Obama.

slipping away.jpg

All year, Sen. Obama has worked hard to win evangelical voters…. At stake are about six million voters – moderate evangelicals who voted for George Bush last time but were intrigued by Sen. Obama….
Several things have battered Sen. Obama’s standing with moderate evangelicals:
1) His poor performance at the Saddleback candidates forum, especially (or perhaps entirely) his comment about it being “above my pay grade” to know when life begins….

2) The selection of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, an appealing anti-abortion figure, and, the perceived attacks on her by the media, which led evangelicals to think the “elites” were against them. This sentiment has been skillfully stoked by the Republicans.
3) The Democrats’ decision to run radio ads championing Sen. Obama’s abortion-rights position without discussing his abortion-reduction agenda….
4) The Obama campaign’s failure to combat effectively the charge that he opposed giving protection to infants who survive abortions. It’s now become a standard part of the Republican litany that: Sen. Obama supports not only abortion, but also infanticide.
5) Quiet concern among evangelical leaders of faith-based groups that Sen. Obama’s faith-based initiative would leave most faith-based groups in the cold because he wouldn’t allow them to hire exclusively from their particular faith.

Read on for complaints by the pseudo-Christian Obama-supporting group, Matthew 25, that Palin’s fabulous jabs at Obama during her acceptance speech were “un-Christian.” Oh, brother.