Yesterday we had a winter storm, today it’s raining on the snow. It’s Chicago. Need I say more?
I’ve been up awhile, cooking in the kitchen. Gotta go back to work, and then we’re going to my Mom’s house later this afternoon. Tomorrow my sons and families will join Rich, Daena (who flew in Friday during the previous winter storm – had to wait 2 hours for her luggage after a 1.5 hour flight), and I for our first Christmas Day celebration here.
Speaking of families, here’s this year’s Christmas photo of the grandsons…
christmas boys 2009 2.jpg
As you can tell, the two 2-year-olds, Jack (l) and Ralph (r), weren’t thrilled to sit still. Ah, memories… :)
As we set our minds on Jesus’ sacrificial birth, I found this fun reminder of the reason. It’s much better in HD. View it here for that (see lower right of screen)….

Merry Christmas!

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