Duggars welcome 18th baby

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I’d been blogging only 1 month back in June 2005 when my headline on the Duggar family read, “14 children and pregnant again!”
3-1/2 years later, I’m blogging that the Duggars have just welcomed its 18th baby. Per People yesterday…

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar of Tontitown, AR, had their 18th child Thursday – Jordyn-Grace Makiya, who joins the rest of her J-named siblings.
Jordyn-Grace was born via C-section at Mercy Medical Center in Rogers, weeks before her due date of Jan. 1. She weighed in at 7 lbs, 3 oz and was 20 inches long.
“Mother and baby are resting and doing well,” says a rep for the Duggar family, whose crowded house is featured on the TLC network show 17 Kids & Counting.
The newest Duggar has a lot of names to keep straight.

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The other kids – who range in age from 20 years to 17 months – are Joshua (who married Anna Keller in September and says he is looking forward to the “blessing of children” of his own), twins John-David and Jana, Jill, Jessa, Jinger, Joseph, Josiah, Joy-Anna, twins Jeremiah and Jedidiah, Jason, James, Justin, Jackson, Johannah and Jennifer.
Their parents married when Michelle was 17 and Jim Bob was 19. (Her mother had to officially sign permission.) After birth-control pills were blamed for a miscarriage, the couple decided to throw them out. They’ve had a new baby approximately every 18 months since.
“What really works for me is swaddling a baby and snuggling up,” Michelle told People in an interview last year. “I love that time of just bonding and nursing a little baby. And, with a new baby, I realize that I don’t need as much sleep as I used to think I did. You learn. This time goes by so quickly. I look at my older children and wonder where the time went.”
A special on Jordyn-Grace’s birth will air Dec. 22 at 10 p.m. on TLC.

I don’t watch the Duggar tv show and was surprised to read in the People article that the oldest boy Josh had married. Just read “Our story” on Josh and Anna’s website. Very sweet.
[HT: proofreader Laura Loo; family photo (with “only” 17 kids) courtesy of 24dash.com]

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  1. J & K’s story had to be the sweetest!
    At 17 years old I was nowhere near the spiritual maturity level of these fine young individuals. Would that there were more of them out there.

  2. Carder, they are mature in so many ways. The Duggars are such great parents- I wish I had half of their parenting skills. Maybe as I continue having children and grow as a parent, I will get better in that area. I am no where near as organized as they are, and no where near as patient as Michelle is. And they find time for each and every one of those children.

  3. C-section. Means she needs a zipper sewn in.
    My mother came from a family of 12 children. In the addition of children, grand children etc, now from over 200 people 40 are missionaries or preachers.
    With an abortion, pro deathers raise no new apologists for their faith.

  4. I am glad they had another girl (now its what, 10 boys and 8 girls?). I wonder if they scheduled the c-section so they could have the baby before Christmas?
    God Bless them for their openness to LIFE!

  5. Whewie! Go Duggars….that’s a lot of kids. I think 2 is enough of a handful….times 9? Forget it. But congrats to them. :)

  6. Punished 18 times ? For Pete’s sake, this couple has the means to take care of 18 kids !!! That’s their right, though this kind of large family is just not feasable for most married couples, even ones who aren’t poor.
    This is so disingenuous. What Obama meant is that when teenage girls have illegitimate children before they are ready to do so, it causes terrible problems, both for them and their children. He’s absolutely right. Obama wants to prevent as many of these tragic situations as possible. This is why being pro-choice is the REAL culture of life, and abortion opponents unwittingly support the REAL culture of death.

  7. Robert, I think the tragedy of Obama’s statement is that a baby is never a “punishment”. If you can not afford to take care of a baby then give it up for adoption — don’t kill it. I am the mother of an adopted child. I pray for the birth mother every day and am so grateful that she chose life.

  8. Robert Berger, you’re forgetting that little baby Obama was a tragedy too, a punishment for his unwed teenaged mother. Guess she should have aborted the little bugger, to save herself a host of problems that he probably caused her.

  9. Spreading that ol’ Christmas cheer Robert and Doug?? :)
    Carla, not really, but also not making a big deal out of it. Just trying to stay out of the wind, today.

  10. Bethany,
    I finally got back to you on the other thread. Sorry for the delay–though I like my paper, it still needs a fair amount of work. I also have over 33 sources–that’s fun to organize.


  12. I have seen them on t.v. they have a great family and are so patient with there kids. They are amazingly patient and love their kids they have a lot of kids but keep up with all of them and listen to their kids individual needs. They are such a happy family.

  13. A at 11:21, that is so great to hear because too often you unfortunately hear that parents with big families are irresponsible because they can’t possibly give the children the attention that they need. This family dispels such notions.

  14. God bless them. The incredible thing is that this is even a story, but given the shambles our country has been left in after 35 years of legalized baby killing, nothing is a surprise. Xppc: your comment says it all.

  15. Bethany,
    I finally got back to you on the other thread. Sorry for the delay–though I like my paper, it still needs a fair amount of work. I also have over 33 sources–that’s fun to organize.

    Thanks, Enigma…I just responded. :)

  16. Congratulations to John-David and Jana, Jill, Jessa, Jinger, Joseph, Josiah, Joy-Anna (Doug: Caroline Kennedy’s current uncle drowned a woman, her cousin raped one, and whole bunch of her other relatives did drugs with some of them dying from overdoses — is Palin’s daughter’s future husband’s mom trying to get annointed Senator with absolutely no experience or qualifications?) Jeremiah, Jedidiah, Jason, James, Justin, Jackson, Johannah and Jennifer!
    And Merry Christmas!

  17. Wow, that’s a lot of kids! I thought it was a lot that my grandpa was one of twelve kids, but these people have 150% of that. :)

  18. This is why being pro-choice is the REAL culture of life, and abortion opponents unwittingly support the REAL culture of death.
    Posted by: Robert Berger at December 19, 2008 10:07 AM
    Death as a part of the culture of life. Brilliant! Why didn’t God think of THAT one!

  19. Speaking of big families, Bristol Palin’s future mother-in-law got busted for drugs.
    Hey, speaking of the Palins….. isn;t that baby supposed to be born sometime this month. No news?

  20. TRA,
    Roe V Wade made abortion legal. Doe V Bolton, the companion case made it legal through all 9 months of pregnancy. You’re welcome.

  21. I dunno. Tiller might be on Christmas vacation.
    Posted by: Carla at December 19, 2008 2:41 PM
    Probably leaves town to avoid the Christmas Day protesters outside his house.

  22. Roe v Wade held that the state could not prohibit abortion after viability “when it is necessary to preserve the life or health of the mother” (Roe, 410 U.S. 113, 164). So technically, Roe allowed it up to nine months, even though precisely what “life and health” meant wasn’t clear without reading Doe v. Bolton. Also, Roe said that “[the Doe v Bolton] opinion and this one, of course, are to be read together (Roe, 410 U.S. 113, 165), so it would have been a violation of the Constitution for me to mention Roe without also meaning Doe. Plus, I would have mentioned it if I had thought of it.
    You have potentially violated the law by suggesting that people should read Roe and Doe separately. Lucky for you, that crime is enforced by bureau that prosecutes people who rip the tags off mattresses, or become President without proof of U.S. citizenship.
    And you’re welcome!

  23. You have potentially violated the law by suggesting that people should read Roe and Doe separately. Lucky for you, that crime is enforced by bureau that prosecutes people who rip the tags off mattresses, or become President without proof of U.S. citizenship.
    And you’re welcome!
    Posted by: The Raving Atheist at December 19, 2008 3:31 PM
    Ha! :D

  24. What a great family the Duggars are! They love children probably more than just about anybody, maybe even me! (And that’s saying a lot!) Jim Bob Duggar is a former single-issue politician (I forget what) dedicated to stopping abortions. It takes a lot of courage and initiative to not just vote for somebody else to stop abortion, but to stand up and do it yourself. I admire a Christian who has that kind of bravery.

  25. Scary.
    My boss’s wife had their 2nd baby on…Tuesday? He didn’t even tell me that was going to happen- on Monday he was just like, “Um, so yeah…I’m going to be gone for the next 4 days…go work with Jie and Naimul for the rest of the week…bye.” And that was that. I found out from Jie why he left. It was odd to say the least…

  26. maybe he wasn’t sure when she was going to go to the hospital. I remember when my youngest nephew was born. My brother had called me the day before asking if I could babysit my niece (his other daughter would be at school) while my sister in law went to the doctor for a checkup. Well, lo and behold…..I didn’t have to babysit cause she ended up having to go to the hospital to have the baby early the next morning.
    My oldest niece was 5 days overdue. Her due date was the day two of my cousins had their children baptized. I remember thinking it’d be funny if my sister had to leave to go to the hospital cause of her due date.
    My sister in law when their oldest daughter (who is 7) was born, had false labor a day or two before she was actually born).
    So, its one of those “You never know”. Rae’s boss was probably just doing a just in case preparation.

  27. Listen, you chose to come to Jill’s blog and post. Key phrase – “Jill’s blog” She has every right to be biased, because it belongs to her. If I came to your house and started saying things you didn’t like, you could kick me out. Heck, you could kick me out without a reason at all. This isn’t NBC. Don’t expect fair, journalistic reporting. (ROFL, sarcastic joke, sorry)

  28. Several years ago a friend gave my wife and I a political post card from Arkansas with a photo of Jim Bob and his wife and their 12-13 children.
    Jim was running for re-election to the Arkansas state legislature. The card had an email address so I sent JB an e-mail complementing him on his family. JB emailed back and said if I was ever in Little Rock while the legislature was in session to give him a call and he would give me a tour of the capitol.
    A few months later my oldest daughter (one of five surviving children) and I drove to Tennesee to visit relatives. I emailed JB and told him we would be passing thru Little Rock. JB said to call him when we got in to town.
    Long story short, not only did JB give a tour of the capitol, he invited us to their home for dinner and put my daughter and I up for the night. We got to meet the whole family. My daughter had all their names memorized for the longest time.
    What unexpected hospitality offered to strangers based only on a common faith and a shared decision to home school our respective children.
    The Duggars are quality people, responsible citizens and an asset to their community. JB is entrepreneural, owns several businesses.
    All their children are well mannered. There was a lot of continual activity in their home (kind of like two hockey games going on at the same time, but without the violence.) but it was not disorderly. There was manifest love, peace, and joy.
    God bless the Duggars!
    yor bro ken

  29. Jim Bob Duggar showed hospitality to strangers, my daughter and I.
    I do not claim to be his friend or know him really well. I was just sharing my observations from one evening spent with him and his family.
    Jesus said we would know someone by their fruit.
    If you read the bios of JB’s children, you can judge for yourself what quality of fruit they are.
    I considered that evening a divine appointment for both me and my daughter and I hope for the Duggar family.
    yor bro ken

  30. I was at a Christmas party last night. The host’s brother, Daniel, whom I had met once 10 years, ago was there.
    Daniel is an officer in the U.S. Air Force. He and his wife have 5 children of their own. Several years ago they made the decision to adopt 5 more children. Four are from Africa and one is from India.
    All of them were at the Christmas pary. What a privilege and blessing to be with this wonderful family. They are so much like the Duggars.
    The wife, who appears to be in great condition, has to receive nourishment thru a tube in her stomach. I do not want to give even her fist name here. I ask as many of your as are led to lift her up to the Lord just as Daniel’s wife and pray however you feel led.
    God is good. God is friendly.
    Feliz Navidad
    yor bro ken

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