I love architectural design, and I love finding everything out about Planned Parenthood I can.
So today when I stumbled on 2 architect’s videos discussing design of a PP facility, I felt like I’d won the “lot-to,” as Chicago politician Mel Reynolds would say.
Friend John forwarded me a link to these videos, posted recently on the McGraw-Hill Construction Home Library website, about the 2003 remodel of 1 of Planned Parenthood Golden Gate’s 7k sq ft Oakland, CA’s, mills.

The first thing that jumped out from watching the videos was totally unrelated and cracked me up. I immediately recognized PPGG CEO Dian Harrison as the inspiration for the heroine of PPGG’s ill-conceived (pardon the pun) 2005 viral cartoon, “A superhero for choice.” The cartoon starred PPGG “Dionysus,” who drowned, blew up, and decapitated pro-lifers.


Of course MSM ignored PPGG’s cartooned penchant for violence, although were pro-lifers ever to produce such a video, Oh. My. Goodness. That said, PPGG quickly felt enough pressure to remove it. (But through the wonders of the Internet, pro-lifers have preserved the classy toon for posterity.)
fougeron_x3.1.jpgBut I digress. In the architectural video Dionysus Dian mentioned the abortion mill “happens to be located in a medically underserved community.” Architect Anne Fougeron said the mill served “underprivileged women.” Surprise, surprise.
Also, one of the goals stated was to create a “joyful space,” a tall order for a place that kills babies. At the Fougeron website additional goals sited were “peaceful design” and “the impression of openness and light.” The “fun” jars of condoms – nice touch.
Sarcasm aside, there is always much to learn from PP’s marketing and money management strategies, as I did by watching these videos.
[Photo via Fougeron]

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