One thought on “Lunch Break: Belgium Central Station Dance”

  1. There is a chain of grocery store here in Texas that go by the name of Fiesta. They cater to Spanish speaking clientele.
    Instead of the elevator music that most play over their intercoms, Fiesta plays lively Latina music and the volume is slightly higher than their caucasian counterparts.
    My Japanese-Canadian wife likes to shop at Fiesta for the fixins to make Mexican food.
    When I go with her I embaraass her because I get into the fiesta atmosphere by dancing up and down the aisles. I don’t known the rhumba or tango or any of the folk dances. I just go with my own moves.
    The store employees know me now and they always get a laugh out of my exuberance. One these day I am going to bust out in some spanish songs.
    yor bro ken
    ps: Once when I was in New Orleans, in the French Quarter we started dancin in the street and people started joining in. ‘Dance like no one is watching!’

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