While the annual March for Life in Washington, DC, is the pro-life movement’s flagship event mourning the anniversary of the Supreme Court’s infamous Roe v Wade decision, there are 2 other emerging marches – in San Francisco and Paris.
walk for life west coast logo.pngI realized just how big a deal the Walk for Life West Coast had become when reading this view of it today from the other side, at SocialistWorker.org:

In a few weeks, on January 23, anti-abortion bigots will bus tens of thousands to San Francisco for their annual “Walk for Life.” Their mission is “to be a vocal and visual message that people of the West Coast stand for life.”
A few years ago, during the first “Walk for Life,” while our counterprotest was outnumbered, it was much closer in size. But since then, we have seen that their side get more organized, while our side hasn’t been able to meet the challenge….

Indeed, last year’s 5-yr-old W4L West Coast garnered a whopping 32K in attendance. This year’s featured speakers are “[t]wo young women who stood on opposite sides of the abortion debate until a few months ago” – Lila Rose and Abby Johnson.
So the 2010 event should be excellent. One of these years I’m going to head west instead of east for the March… or maybe do both, which would be quite something.
March for Life Paris.pngCoincidentally, W4L West Coast co-founder Dolores Meehan will speak at their “sister” event in Paris on January 17, Marche Pour Le Respect de la Vie. According to the Catholic News Agency:

The Paris March… has become a rallying point for pro-lifers across Europe…. [It] attracts groups from France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, the UK, Poland, Switzerland, Germany, Ireland and the U.S.…. Last year’s March drew an estimated 15K to 20K participants.
The event began in 2005 to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the French law legalizing abortion….
Meehan… [said] she was… “intrigued” by the similarities between the French and the Californian events.
“Both the March and the Walk for Life West Coast began in 2005, both take place in cities with a strong history of radical and countercultural action, both draw impressive numbers of young people, and both recognize that without compassion and justice there can be no common good or true Culture of Life.”
The French event… notes that despite its world-leading contraception rates, France has the second highest abortion rate in Western Europe.

So, as our socialist friend noted but couldn’t quite put into words, the pro-life view is gaining traction, and the pro-abortion view is dying a slow death, fitting. It’s particularly cool to me that of all the West Coast cities pro-lifers could have chosen for their march, they went straight to the liberal bastion, the belly of the beast. Quite bold and brave.
Walk for Life san francisco, abortion.gif
Gotta mention I think the San Francisco and Paris March websites and logos are looking far superior than those of the DC March, both of which appear quite dated.