The Holocaust was a watershed event in the history of mankind, in which 6 million Jews – one-third of the world’s Jewish population – were exterminated. But today the word is used in ways that cheapen it….
The Holocaust was the story of ordinary Germans: students, doctors, men and women of culture, who were not demented, who listened to Bach and Beethoven, who loved their families, who were not diagnosed as psychopaths, but who, nonetheless for 6 years, rounded up men, women and children and escorted them to the gas chambers.
[I]t is not abortion, and it is not even horrific violations of civil rights.
The enormity of the crimes of the Holocaust was such that if you were to try to call out 2,000 of the names every day of the 6 million who perished, it would take more than 8 years to complete the task. That’s what a holocaust is.

~Rabbi Marvin Hier, Los Angeles Times opinion column, June 29

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