Quote of the Day 11-29-10

I personally don’t celebrate Thanksgiving because I don’t cherish the invasion, killing, enslavement and impoverishment of indigenous Americans, and the ritual annual slaughter of millions of innocent animals at the alter of our great nation’s founding….

Slaughtering innocent animals for a communion that was a false homecoming is no way to celebrate our common heritage as spiritual beings who share this earth with other deeply important beings, be they human or animal….

~ Russell Simmons, hip-hop mogul and “proud supporter of PETA,” in the Huffington Post, November 28

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  1. I always love when modern-types apply their own heavily-flawed world views anachronistically onto history, without bothering to actually learn the very history they’re attempting to rewrite. In short, this man is a doofus and should be ignored when he speaks on things he does not understand. Stick to rap music, Mr. Run.

  2. Its about being THANFKUL Russell darling. So don’t eat turkey. Who says you have to? Eat a tofu burger but be thankful America exists so idiots like you can become millionaires and then turn up their noses at the very country that gave them prosperity.
    And btw, the pilgrims didn’t kill Indians. Just because some whites killed Indians (and vice versa) does not mean all white settlers were bad or that all Indians were bad. You can’t lump any race into one category. The first thanksgiving was about thanks to God for having a harvest that they didn’t have the first winter. They arrived during snow and had to ration kernels of corn to eat during the winter. 18 moms gave up their food so their babies could live and 13 of those moms died of starvation. They gladly sacrificed their lives for their children. Thats what I think of during Thanksgiving. And the Indians came and showed the Pilgrims how to plant and fish and were the reason the pilgrims had such a great harvest. It was about mutual respect. They all came together and celebrated. But deprive yourself of a great holiday with your lack of historical understanding and sour spirit, Russell.

    I myself had a great time and ate a lot of animal carcass!

  3. Thanksgiving is a day to give thanks to GOD for what you have. You know…the MILLIONS of dollars you’ve made, and the HEALTHY CHILDREN you have..???
    Get a grip, Russell!

  4. It is amazing that he talks about slaughtering animals but is a member of apolitical party who are in agreement with the slaughtering of babies.

  5. Meh — this “hip hop mogul” promotes “music” that glorifies people slaughtering each other and degrades women, especially African American women, but I guess that’s okay, as long as no animals were harmed in the making of his product. 

  6. “Slaughtering innocent animals”
    If that’s his reason not to celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope he’s not being hypocrite and doesn’t eat any meat whatsoever (cause that is slaughtering of innocent animals too), also I hope he doesn’t wear anything made of leather, because for that they’d have to slaughter some innocent animals as well.
    And honestly – what’s with that animan sfuff? People used animals for food and clothing for thousands of years, and if done quickly and humanely – the animals shouldn’t even suffer.
    How about MILLIONS of innocent human beings that are being killed even before they get a chance to be born??? Well, that probably doesn’t count, as it’s such a convenient service – getting rid of the offspring you don’t really want to have….

  7. Hey, I arrange all my life’s priorities by the rantings of a mediocre entertainer who can’t keep his pants up… yeah…  Now, time to ask Suzanne Sommers for some medical advice about menopause…Or maybe I’ll ask Miley Cyrus what stocks I should invest in.

  8. Aside from the whole “Sea Kittens” business, PETA is not about saving animals.  I think somewhere upwards of 70% of animals in PETA shelters end up being put down, which is well above the average for animals in non-PETA run shelters.
    Anyone who supports PETA for any reason automatically looses all credibility as far as I’m concerned.

  9. Well I agree with him about slaughtering animals, esp. since it is usually incredibly inhumane in the US, but PETA is a horrible organization. 

    PETA  supports animals…unless you are a human female, in which case they will just exploit you and treat you like trash. Not surprising that a hip-hop mogul who creates misogynist music would support PETA.

  10. Sydney, you said just about everything I wanted to say… amen! I know it’s kind of sad, but at 25 I just recently learned the details behind the first Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays and I love it even more now! I have a lot of new respect for the Pilgrims now and I just love that they and the natives got together and had a huge feast that lasted for days to celebrate the plenty they had that year and to be thankful for it. I also love that the Pilgrims respected the natives for the human beings they were because the Pilgrims took the Bible very seriously and that meant loving the natives. The Pilgrims and natives actually got along really well.

    Now as for his problem with Thanksgiving dinner… That is one of the reasons I love Thanksgiving so much! lol

  11. I wonder what mr simmons’s ancestors ate for hundreds of years….was it bugs ?  fruits and vegetables? or a combination of fruits, vegetables and meat?   Were they hunters and gatherers?   Or were they farmers?
    The first thanksgiving feast lasted for three days.    Pretty cool.

  12. Vita: “If that’s his reason not to celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope he’s not being hypocrite and doesn’t eat any meat whatsoever (cause that is slaughtering of innocent animals too), also I hope he doesn’t wear anything made of leather, because for that they’d have to slaughter some innocent animals as well.”

    Simmons, like me, is a vegetarian.

  13. I had a friend in high school who lectured me on the evils of fur and eating meat until I pointed out what a hypocrite she was for wearing nu buck shoes which are made out of LEATHER. I’m sure crazy Russell has fancy cars with LEATHER seats.

  14. Wonder if he celebrates Christmas? Slaughter of an innocent human life Who came to atone for all who need a Rescuer.  He needs some history lessons on the Native American hunting skills and their dietary practices.

  15. It is true that non-leather dress shoes are harder to come by than other items. My non-leather dress shoes had to be ordered from California; you can get Tofurkey at your local supermarket.

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