Quote of the Day 12-3-10

I had an unintended and untenable pregnancy due to contraceptive failure at a time in my life when I was not equipped to bear a child. [Abortion] was the best thing I did for myself at that time, and the best thing for my now family…. An abortion is a life choice and a choice for life at a time when it is a necessary action.

~ Jodi Jacobson, editor-in-chief of the pro-abortion blog RH Reality Check, commenting on its post, “Is dialogue on abortion useful? Response to Marcotte,” December 2

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  1. I had an unintended and untenable pregnancy due to contraceptive failure…

    My first observation: Sex makes babies. Contraceptive failure does not make babies any more than a high credit limit causes debt or a fad diet causes weight gain. Jodi became pregnant because she had sex- why is she avoiding her own responsibility for creating a child at a time when she was unprepared to welcome him or her into her life? She is not a victim, or even “unlucky,” but her child certainly was.

    My second observation: Why are these details relevant if she believes that all abortions for any reason are morally acceptable?  She seems to be making the point that her abortion was justified and beneficial- may we then correlate that she believes that there are some abortions that are not as justified and beneficial as hers was (otherwise, why bring it up?) Either a woman’s right to an abortion is universal, regardless of motivation and circumstances, or it isn’t.

  2. Yes, keep telling yourself that, Jodi.  When the tension between what IS true and what you BELIEVE to be true becomes too much for you to bear please seek post abortion recovery. There are amazing people out here waiting to help. They have found healing after they accepted that their children died by abortion.

  3. And why does ANY of what Jodi is saying matter if the action she is talking about is taking the life of an innocent human being? Could the above be used to justify the killing of a two year old? No, because a two year old is a human being and we don’t kill innocent human beings regardless of the circumstances. But this is exactly what the pro-lifers claim- that the unborn is a human being who cannot be killed under any circumstances. Jodi’s argument is question-begging.

  4. An abortion is a life choice and a choice for life…” – Uhhhh, no, it’s not.  It is unfortunately a death sentence.  Adoption – now that would be a life choice and a choice for life.  But then again, apparently her life has more value than the life of that child – I am just, you know, guessing that is true based on the way things played out…

  5. I was reading the comments under Kissling’s post.  O.  M.  G.   I cannot even wrap my mind around what some of those people say!  They are so rape-obsessed, they actually believe the baby’s conception is a rape of the woman.  WTF???

    Meanwhile, PP hides rape, and sends young girls back into the arms of their abusers. 

    The pro-aborts have become so deranged, so mentally ill, I am stunned at the depth and width of their sickness. 

    Humans are mammals; we reproduce by sexual intercourse and gestating our children in the womb.  These are not disputable facts, biology is not a matter of opinion. 

  6. Somewhere out there is a child who will grow up and would have been extremely happy to meet and marry Jodi’s child when he/she grew up.
    But Jodi chose to take that away.

  7. Cranky Catholic,
    She may have aborted the man or woman who would have been her beloved care-giver in her old-age, too.  The pro-abort reasoning is so incredibly shallow and short-sighted.
    Your compassion for post-abortive women and men is so amazing.   Thanks for all you do!

  8. The author does talk about her “now” family, but once again, the emphasis is on ME ME ME . . .

  9. Another way to look at it —
    Jodi made sure she could prevent herself from having a baby.  God wanted her to have another and made one anyway.
    Jodi said NO to God.

  10. Notice how many “I’s” are in her statement? “I. my, myself”..
    As phillymiss pointed out. the emphasis is on “me,me,me!”.
    Why not just say it like you REALLY mean it, Ms. Jacobson…
    “The best thing I ever did for ME was kill MY child”!

  11. Was Jodi’s life threatened by her preborn child? Would having her child have literally ended her life? Because otherwise, there is no way to rationalize the argument that abortion was a life choice and a choice for life…except maybe that it was a choice which she has to live with for the remainder of her life. How exactly does she believe that killing a growing human is the equivalent of a “choice for life”? Seems an awful lot like a choice against life to me.

  12. “They are so rape-obsessed, they actually believe the baby’s conception is a rape of the woman.  WTF???”

    It is called blaming the victims, in this case, the unborn, for being murdered.

  13. Notice the amount of “I” and “my” above, when referring to a situation involving two people. The selfishness and the loss of grip with reality is truly saddening. She killed another human being, her own child. There is no amount of rationalization that will ever change that fact.

  14. What the heck is an “UNTENABLE” pregnancy? To sum up: She got pregnant, didn’t want her child, so she killed it. The justifications are useless. There is no excuse to abort a baby. Her “explanation” shows that abortion is an act of desperation and sheer selfishness. Disgusting.

  15. un·ten·a·ble
    adj \ˌən-ˈte-nə-bəl\

    Definition of UNTENABLE

    1 : not able to be defended

    Wow. I can’t imagine a mother who won’t defend her own kids to the death. Hers, not theirs. What a sicko.

  16. “Jodi said NO to God.”

    So is everything in life predetermined? If I don’t support war, am I saying “no” to God?

  17. Has nothing to do with predestination. Has everything to do on the other hand for contempt for God AND fellow humans, in this case her own unborn child, who as much mage in the image of God as she is.

  18. Reading RH Reality Check and most of its posters is like getting my teeth pulled out except getting my tooth pulled out feels better!

    All kidding aside, if that site is the face of the future of abortionists, the abortion is in trouble. People will be turned off by their own hate speech and screech against babies (like referring to them as parasites and rapists) and men alike (anytime anyone refute them, they go back to the poster is probably just a man who hates women).

  19. It’s not about predestination:  A new life is a gift from God.  Jodi said no to new life, first by contracepting, then by abortion.  It’s not related to war at all, but lots of pro-lifers that I meet are also against war.  Some believe in ‘just war’ but not all wars could be considered ‘just.’  For example, when Hitler invaded Poland, that was unjust, but if Poland defends itself that is just.

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