Lunch Break – Billy Ray Cyrus: “Hannah Montana destroyed my family.”

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I love both Billy Ray and Miley Cyrus but it is so disappointing to see her go the way of trashy Hollywood

There is also an article from US Magazine that gives additional insight into Miley’s demise and Billy’s regrets.

Regardless of Hannah Montana or not, many children who turn 18 are ripe to push away from their parents and make their own decisions.  So Billy Ray, in my opinion, is being a little too hard on himself. 

WARNING:  some adult content not suitable for children.

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4 thoughts on “Lunch Break – Billy Ray Cyrus: “Hannah Montana destroyed my family.””

  1. I don’t find media bullies making fun of a man that has lost his daughter and realizes his mistakes entertaining.  But that’s just me.  Isn’t our job to reach out to him?


  2. I’ve seen godly parents raise several children and despite all being trained identically with a Bible in hand and being mentored in a Christ-centered church, one child goes astray living like ‘the world’.

    Billy Ray has confessed his sins.  Every parent has made mistakes.  Even God (the perfect Parent) had problems with Adam and Eve.  

    We need to pray for Miley and the entire family. 


  3. One of the problems I see is that when child actors become adults (and I hesitate to call 18 year olds adults even though they can vote and drive because I’ll tell you what, I wasn’t really an adult until I hit my mid-twenties or so), they are so desperate to be treated as an adult that they go to the opposite extreme. If Hollywood would come up with a “middle ground” of some sorts to help with the transition perhaps (and I can’t emphasize the perhaps enough because I don’t know for sure) it would help keep the whole extreme behavior down to a minimum or others wouldn’t go to such extremes. But I don’t know. It’s all sad really. We keep seeing it happen, but I haven’t seen anything in Hollywood trying to find a solution (maybe I’m wrong, but from where I stand, I haven’t seen them trying a solution necessarily).

    On the other hand, sometimes people hit a certain age and want to do everything that was kept out of reach.


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