First of all, it seems rather irresponsible of the writer in the first place to have even asked Bieber his opinion on abortion. The kid is nothing more than that – a kid, a teen boy, a child, really – and he has absolutely nothing to do with health care or lawmaking.

Secondly, Bieber’s a pop star, and he should stick to posing for teenybopper magazine pull-out posters and singing feel-good tracks that make little girls’ hearts flutter…. [H]is ignorant, and yes, conservative, self-righteous opinions (that likely come from his very religious, born-again Christian mother – I doubt he’s formed them on his own) ANNOY me, quite honestly….

I can’t help but feel cold toward celebs whose political views, perspective on the world, or ridiculous actions are so at odds with what I believe in and stand for. By extension, I find I’m not as interested in their movies, music, or TV shows… and I may end up, well, boycotting them.

… I turn off the radio whenever misogynist, homophobic, girlfriend-beater Chris Brown comes on…. I won’t watch Mel Gibson flicks, forget it. (After it’s become clear what an anti-semitic, racist, misogynistic lunatic he is, does anyone want to anymore?)…. And not that I care about football at all, but I’d boycott big mouth pro-life Denver Broncos player Tim Tebow.

Of course, these celebs have the right to say whatever they want, but I have a right as a consumer of entertainment to CHOOSE to turn my back to them if I don’t agree with what they have to say or appreciate what they do offstage/screen/field.

~Maressa Brown, in a blog titled, “Justin Bieber Is Pro-Life: Let’s Boycott Him,” The Stir, February 17