Pro-abort Marisa Meltzer posted a piece at liberal website Slate last month entitled, “WombTube: The odd and addictive videos of women who reveal their pregnancy test results online,” that caught the attention of MSM’s The Today Show today.

Host Meredith Vieira cynicly picked up on Meltzer’s theme, wondering if excited newly pregnant mothers might be “revealing too much.”

Vieira had on as guests a reproductive psychiatrist and one of the “WombTube” moms, Jewel Peach.

Turns out Jewel (great name, btw) is pro-life and posted the interview on my Facebook page. Jewel wrote that she asserted her pro-life views on the show, which thrilled me to pieces. Scroll to 3:20 for that, but the entire segment is interesting, particularly Vieira’s eeyore treatment of the concept…

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As the repro psych indicated, the drawback to posting pregnancy results is if a preborn baby dies or is born sick. But even those instances are life-affirming. The death of a preborn baby is a tragedy, not a “choice.”

Obviously, there is no pro-abort counterpart to “WombTube” other than someone like Angie Jackson, who live tweeted her abortion last year.

Reacting negatively to a pregnancy test and making “WombTomb” videos of the abortion would strike a viewer with normal sensibilities as grotesque, which the other side knows. Meltzer took note, in a roundabout way:

That these videos are dominated by women doggedly trying to get pregnant explains why I didn’t see any WombTube videos of women getting negative test results and jumping for joy or even exhaling in relief, just like the pregnancy test commercials on TV. Both the commercials and WombTube share the same fantasy world where news of a pregnancy is only welcome and the darkest emotion one might be allowed to register is shock. It’s rare to find a video depicting a reaction to a negative test result at all, and the few women who post their nonpregnant status are devastated. They post these videos to prove to the world how committed they are to having babies.

Meltzer doesn’t want to admit her pro-life sensibilities:

I will admit that at first I thought all of these people were, well, nuts. I still might. I can’t entirely understand why someone would post her pregnancy results for the world to see, and since none of the WombTubers I reached out to would respond to my questions, I remain baffled. But as a viewer, I’m something of a convert. The emotional rollercoaster they promise is highly addictive and, since they almost always result in good news, a pleasant pay off.

Meltzer posted a slideshow of WombTube videos. Here’s one. The dad’s reaction is so sweet, too! Made me tear up…


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