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  • Timmerie’s Blog has a post about engaging pro-choice environmentalists in the Survivors booth at the San Diego Earth Fair, and of competing with the well-supported Planned Parenthood booth. The group used graphic abortion and animal abuse displays to generate thoughtful discussion about respecting our own humanity and in turn respecting our environment.

  • Suzy B points out the case of abortionist Kermit Gosnell should be a sign and wake-up call to society that abortion is a poison.
  • Wesley J. Smith tracks a WA assisted suicide bill which “legally requires doctors to falsify death certificates by stating the cause of death as the underlying disease. That is not only false, but it makes tracking the procedure difficult, if not impossible.”
  • ProLifeBlogs highlights a post by Down on the Pharm which notes since Plan B “emergency contraception” was made available over the counter, usage has doubled – but the failure rate remains at 16% per use. A quoted Guttmacher spokeswoman seems discouraged the usage rate isn’t higher, and also credits the MSM, not healthcare professionals, with an increase in dependency on the drug.
  • Real Choice remembers the anniversary of the death of Sandra Milton, a mother who died as a result of a botched abortion and an unconcerned abortion clinic staff.
  • ProWomanProLife expresses disgust with an Irish student newspaper article which at first seems to see the blessing of children with Down syndrome, but goes on to lament the fact that since abortion is illegal in Ireland, prenatal screening for Down’s is pointless. Another case of “they’re not worth the trouble, so let’s eradicate them.”
  • Pro Life with Christ shares an incredibly powerful video by on abortion statistics:


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