Lunch Break: Sister celebrates brother on Down Syndrome Day

by LauraLoo

With the help of Mommy and Daddy, sister Ace pays tribute to her special brother Archie – who is perfect in her eyes. 

Archie was born in Bulgaria.  His biological mom did not keep him for her own so now he has a new loving family to call his own!

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If this video doesn’t move you to joy or tears, nothing will.  Glory to God!

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9 thoughts on “Lunch Break: Sister celebrates brother on Down Syndrome Day”

  1. Adorable. Sister will protect her brother the rest of her life. He is blessed to have this family.


  2. Awesome video and story. Sooooo sweet. God bless Ace, Archie and their parents.


  3. I’ve honestly watched this 8 times this week. They’re both adorable!
    It’s a bit late for World Down Syndrome Day, but I’m organizing an run/walk to benefit the organization they plugged in that video (Reece’s Rainbow).
    If you know anyone in the Southeast Michigan area who’d like to go, donate, or buy a tshirt:  


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