7 thoughts on “Pro-life video of the day: Alex Jones discusses TIME Magazine’s death agenda”

  1. I saw this issue at a Chinese restaurant but didn’t pick up.  I knew from the cover the article would get my dander up.

    Jones’ video may get through to some though and needs to get passed around. 


  2. “The same is happening in the UK”

    Your source being…????? Funny, one of my elderly relatives is a British born American and a doctor.  He travels frequently to Britain, to see his family and friends, and has never talked about this latest bit of bogus bs.

    And speaking of sources, what is the actual quote from, I assume, Jon Meacham’s article?  Alex Jones, with his UFO’s and birther conspiracies is hardly a credible source for any discussion.  


  3. Oh, CC, Jon Meacham spends his summers here in my little town. He loves the library and I get on him from time to time about his fines. It’s inevitable we’ll have a drink one afternoon at a friends house, and when that happens, I can’t wait to share with him what he has yet to learn!


  4. Sad that raving conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has more credibility than TIME Magazine or NBC.


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