Video has surfaced of Barack Obama at a 2003 press conference, expressing his support for abortion through all nine months of pregnancy:


From The Weekly Standard:

OBAMA: “I am pro-choice.”

REPORTER: “In all situations including the late term thing?”

OBAMA: “I am pro-choice. I believe that women make responsible choices and they know better than anybody the tragedy of a difficult pregnancy and I don’t think that it’s the government’s role to meddle in that choice.”

In another interview, Obama said: “I voted no on the late-term abortion ban, not because I don’t recognize that these are painful issues but because I trust women to make these decisions.”

Interestingly, Obama’s position shifted slightly to the right during his presidential run, claiming as long as there were “strict” mental and physical health exceptions for the mother, he would support a state’s ban on late-term abortion.

And yet, it seems the official position, now that he’s in the White House, is “well known”:

When the House of Representatives voted on a late-term abortion ban for the nation’s capital this summer, White House press secretary Jay Carney dodged the issue. “Well, I haven’t spoken to the president about this particular piece of legislation,” Carney said at a White House press briefing on July 31, “but the president’s position on a woman’s reproductive freedom is well known.” Almost one-month later, the White House has not indicated whether Obama supports or opposes banning abortion when an unborn child can feel pain.

According to Dr. Martin Haskell, the man who invented the partial-birth abortion procedure, most abortions after 5 months of pregnancy are “purely elective.

“I’ll be quite frank: most of my abortions are elective in that 20-24 week range,” he said in a 1993 interview with American Medical News. “In my particular case, probably 20% are for genetic reasons. And the other 80% are purely elective.”

It is worth noting that Obama’s support for such late-term, third trimester abortions is at odds with nearly 90% of the U.S. population. Truly an extreme view.

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