11 thoughts on “Pro-life video of the day: Broken promises, in Obama’s own words”

  1. Obama is a very sick man.  Sick in his heart and mind, and sick spiritually. He is an out and out liar. He lied again today in front of the whole world in his UN address.  This is what we are up against with Obama.

    Those who support Obama consist of two groups.  Those who don’t know him and are taken in by his charm and those who know him and like his policies. 

    Thankfully the first group is much smaller than it was four years ago. Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.  Those who were fooled the first time put him over the top.  There are not enough of them this time around so the Obama campaign is relying entirely upon lie after lie after lie in trying to manipulate people into supporting him. Of course they have the compliant main stream media breathlessly reporting every glorious thing Obama does. 

    The second group is a combination of leftists, reflex voting Democrats (those who have been voting that way for years), special interest voters; i.e. pro-aborts, immigration, homosexualists,  unionists, single women, racially motivated people who vote for Obama only because he is black, and people who reside somewhere between reality and the twilight zone (listen to the recent interviews conducted by Howard Stern–both hilarious and sad). 

    This is watershed election, unlike any before.  Now that we know the Democrats are anti-marriage, pro-abort, and anti-God extremists, and that the leader of their party is an agent of radical change, it is more clear than ever what is at stake.        


  2. But … but … but … Romney’s really rich!!!!! =)

    Do you wonder, Hal, what Obama would do with “more flexibility”? I hope we don’t find out.


  3. What is disgraceful about this election is the way the MSM has behaved during this election cycle.  They have abandoned all pretense of neutrality. 


  4. Do you wonder, Hal, what Obama would do with “more flexibility”? I hope we don’t find out.

    It would be nice if he eased up on the “war on drugs”   


  5. I’ve said it before, he’s pathological. Also, when you look words up in a dictionary means you’re stretching things, who’da thunk it?


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