Pro-life video of the day: Churchgoers boo pro-lifer for questioning Sebelius

This past weekend, a pro-life protestor was booed – at a D.C. church – for attempting to ask Kathleen Sebelius a question regarding the HHS contraception mandate at a forum following the church service.

From WorldNetDaily:

Brandi Swindell [pictured right], National Director of Generation Life, a pro-life group dedicated to mobilizing activists, students, artists, musicians and young professionals to end abortion and spread the message of sexual integrity, told WND that she had a “divine appointment” in Washington today.

“Three of us chose to attend church at St. John’s this morning,” Swindell said, “and at the last minute found out that Kathleen Sebelius, the architect of the HHS Mandate, was holding an adult forum between services.”

Swindell told WND that she got the secretary’s attention, and in front of a packed auditorium asked her, “Why are you forcing the American people to pay for abortion-inducing drugs that harm women? It’s a severe violation of religious freedom.”

The secretary ignored the question and left the stage….

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[Photo via Catholic Revolver, video via WND]

25 thoughts on “Pro-life video of the day: Churchgoers boo pro-lifer for questioning Sebelius”

  1. What a joke of a church.
    To be fair, the bar was already pretty low. I mean, Sebelius freely chooses to attend, so that tells you everything you need to know right there.


  2. “As a woman…” Boo! “Why are you forcing Americans to pay for an abortion-inducing drug…” Boo! “…that harms women?” Boo!
    Was this a backroom meeting at a Playboy Club, men sitting with a brandy in one hand and a cigar in the other?


  3. The old creepy patronizing boy/man at the end of the clip motioning Brandi to sit down is the icing on the cake. 

    I can almost hear him thinking, “Don’t worry your pretty little head about this, babe.  We know what’s best for you silly little women.” 


  4. Hecklers usually are not well-received by the audiences of the events they are disrupting.


  5. katherine: (link)

    Good grief. Look at their speaker/forum list.

    What does this church have to do with the Kingdom of God? They’re showcasing everything from the kingdom of man. 

    How superfluous can they be? Instead of speaking into the ever-decaying culture of humankind from the vantage point of God’s redeeming and living Word, they’re all ears for whatever literally mundane  tres chic cause celebre du jour they can book.

    joan: Ah, yes. Dissent — once called the highest form of patriotism (especially when Bush was president) — is now the shibboleth of mere ankle-biting “heckling.” My understanding was that she had the ordered attention of the dais, and that this was billed as a “forum.”


  6. Sit down and quit disrupting, joan.  You obviously don’t understand the subject matter we are discussing here.


  7. I am PROUD of this pro-life woman!  This took GUTS!!!!  I have asked some provocative pro-life questions before and have been booed by the audience, and boy, it does take courage, and yes, it IS a blow to your pride.  On the other hand, guts and courage is what we need to fight abortion, and we WILL be blessed when we are persecuted for the sake of righteousness.  I am glad to hear this was NOT a Catholic church, but I think we are in this EXACT spot because of the lack of courage of MANY in the Catholic church, including many clergy who lack courage to speak out BOLDLY about life and the sanctity of marriage.


  8. I dunno, Julie. When you know you’re in a morally inverted world, I don’t think it’s as much a blow to your pride to be booed thusly, as it’s a blow to your compassion for those in thrall to The Lie.

    One’s self disappears early in this game or you don’t last. 


  9. Hey, arn’t liberals always lecturing everyone about tolerance?  Hmmm….seems they don’t practice what they preach!


  10. “Hecklers usually are not well-received by the audiences of the events they are disrupting.”

    That’s true.  You, Ex-GOP, etc usually aren’t well received here.


  11. i:m not at my home computer, but i can:t wait to watch this with sound! we all need to be praying for kathleen sebelius:s soul. as a catholic, i:m embarrassed and ashamed by so many high profile people who were raised catholic that support abortion.


  12. Andrew, who are you to judge?

    That’s the problem with most of you self-righteous Christians.  You think YOU have the monopoly on God and Jesus.  Well, you don’t.



  13. If someone heckled [M]ass, you’d probably get upset.
    This wasn’t a church service. It was a forum between services; a forum welcoming questions from the audience. Brandi didn’t heckle. She asked a valid question.


  14. Andrew, who are you to judge?

    You’re right. It is not my place to judge the status of a person’s soul. Mea Culpa. However, I have the right and responsibility to judge a person’s actions. God Himself tells us to do so. I suggest glancing at Matthew 18:15-18 when you get a chance. That’s actually a very appropriate passage for this particular scenario.
    That’s the problem with most of you self-righteous Christians.  You think YOU have the monopoly on God and Jesus.  Well, you don’t.
    Lol… literally. Ok, Mr. Know-It-All, who should speak for Jesus on earth if not His followers? The media commentators who don’t even believe in Him? Barack Obama? I’m all ears. I welcome your suggestions.


  15. I’d invite you and joan to sit next to me at Mass, Steve.  You could shout over and over how awesome abortion is and I and my fellow prolifers would continue to quietly and reverently pray for and bless you. We are an extremely progressive and tolerant bunch.  


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