by LauraLoo

Bader Ben Hirsi at TED discusses the culture of Arab countries who sanction giving away girls (as young as age 9) to be child brides:


For those of Islamic persuasion, their role model for such practice is the prophet Mohammed.  He took a child bride (Aisha) in his 50’s while she was 6.  However, Mohammed waited until she reached “maturity” at 9 before physically consummating the marriage.

What I don’t understand (way beyond cultural “norms”) is what does a middle-aged man in the 21st century (or any century, for that matter) have in common with a little girl?  Despite the fact that this is a cultural practice held to for centuries, what is the desire or motivation for Islamic males to continue this sort of practice instead of choosing a woman of at least 18 years of age?

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